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  1. t's very interesting and helps customize the character well. I'd like a way to thicken the legs, not making them grow uniformly, and also the neck.
  2. So, does this work or not? When I try to use it, following the load order of the mods, my character ends up with underwear.
  3. Hello, I hope you can help me. Like everyone else, I want to edit armors, but I have some doubts. I've read almost the entire post, but I have issues with English. At the moment, this is what I have: When I open armors in NifSkope, I can't see the textures, and in BodySlide, if I load the SAM body without textures, the armors are the same. What should I do?
  4. Does this mod also include an Orc high poli head?
  5. Sorry, I hope you can help me. I lost part of my guides due to a virus. Which options should I select in 'XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (XPMSE)'? I'm using Skyrim LE an this SAM(full).
  6. sorry guys, I wonder if you could help me, recently I installed everything and I don't remember some things, I have a problem with 1 mod, what happens is that I have 1 mod that makes the skin shiny (like oiled) and works well with everything poongo, but when I use FloppySOS v2.3 the brightness on the body is removed, it continues on the head and hands, but not on the body, even if you see if the camera is too close, it's weird, and I remember that it worked but I don't know what order to put it or what conflict it has I use Skyrim LE, MO 2 this is my mod list: so it should shine when I put the mod it looks like this, which seemed strange to me because Fluffi does not interrupt the textures and what I don't understand is that if I bring the camera closer, the brightness effect can be seen a little roller v0.2 LE +SOS - Schlong Cont +HDT-BBB for SAM +XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended +3.5 Dragonborn DLC armor refit for SAM +3.4 Dawnguard DLC refits +3.3 SAM-Optional-Legacy-Skimpy-Armors +3.2 SAM-Optional-Vectors-Modular-Armors +3.1 SAM-Vanilla-Skyrim-Refits +SAM-Optional-Moonlight-Tales-Essentials-Patch +2 Normal Map for Bodybuilder Naked Armor SAM Original LE +1 Bodybuilder Naked Armor for SAM Original LE v_ -FloppySOS v2.3 +ShinyskinforMaleandMaleKhajiits +SAM High Poly Conversion LE v1.5 genitals hotfix +SAM High Poly Conversion LE +High Poly Head LE +WetPenis +[SAM] 3MW Texture Pack -2 SAM-Textures-SD +2 SAM-Textures-HD -SAMHands fix +1 SAM-Core-2.011.19 +HDT Physics Extensions-53996-14-28 +FNIS Creature Pack 7.6 +FNIS Behavior 7_6 +Moonlight Tales - Essentials - Spanish translation +Moonlight Tales - Essentials - Version 2_51 +Flora Respawn Fix v2.1.3 - Spanish Translation +Flora Respawn Fix - 2.1.3.zip +Empowered Magic 6-0 +1 AddItemMenuLE320_SKSE173 +SkyUI +UIExtensions +OneTweak +ShowRaceMenu PreCacheKiller 1_3 +MfgConsole +RaceMenu v3-4-5-29624-3-4-5 +SKSE - register custom animations +SafetyLoad 1_2 +Bug Fixes +Crash Fixes +PapyrusUtil - Scripting Utility Functions +Masculinized Level Lists +Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch v3.0.15 - Castellano +Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch +Unofficial High Resolution Patch *DLC: HighResTexturePack03 *DLC: HighResTexturePack02 *DLC: HighResTexturePack01 *DLC: Dawnguard *DLC: HearthFires *DLC: Dragonborn +SKSE - Scripts thanks, and I hope someone can help me
  7. Hello guys, does this mod already give collision to the testicles? i have skirim le
  8. Hello, I have been playing for a big while this marvelous game, and always have used Orcs as my avatar. However I have found there is very few Mods to improve their physique overall at tusks and body, etc. Would you be able to help me to find links of Mods to improve them more physically on any form: it could be changes on their hair, eyes, tusks, body-shape and dimensions, skin type, anything which could still exist to improve them into something less so generic about them. Thank you for your attention.
  9. is there a DE version? And if there is, where can I find it?
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