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The Sims 4

CC (mods) for The Sims 4

7 files

  1. Khlas Sex Animations and custom contents for The Sims 4

    Consider supporting me on Patreon, animations takes a lot of time so if you want to see more it's a great way to do so. 

    Do not redistribute ;
    Do not resell it ;
    Do not convert it ;
    Do not use any assets in a way not intended by myself ;
    Ask permissions always if you want to do anything with my stuff other than using it as I intended.

    PLEASE Credit me if you use my animations. I still see people using them on twitter or whatever without giving any credit, please respect my work. Thanks.

    I'm Khlas, I started animating around one year ago. I'm also the creator of the rig from WickedWhims that unlock animations for Anus, Vagina and Butt, and created the tongue prop rig. It was a collab project with Turbodriver and Noir, tho I started working on it completely alone way before and it was entirely for personal use, but I think it's better to make it profit for everyone.
    I also unlocked pectoral jiggles for males, more info below. Since the descriptions here was a bit old, I am going to change it from time to time.
    My mods consist of multiples files :
    - Animations, mostly focused for Males on males only. With my own sounds, sounds from the game, own effects, effects from the game, and made entirely by hand with blender and s4studio using my own workspace and rig.
    - I unlocked meshes for males that let their pectoral being animated. It's included on the files, meshes from others creators I converted to be able to be animated/used during animations (credit to their author) you need to select them with the body selector, and that's it. They will jiggle with animations that are compatible. It's also compatible with BS boobies jiggle mod from tonicmole.
     - I added some clutter and decorative items aswell. If you want them, don't hesitate to download.
    - I created mods available to the public from my patreon page. Check it out if you are interested by romantic animations interactions.
    - The "KhyanLoadingScreen.package" modify your loading screen with nude erected Khyan. This file is entirely optional. Do not delete any others files if you don't want to have the loading screen replacer.

    - There is a wicked gay porn video for your game you can download too, it will be under the watch porn interaction from TV or computer, then "the boy and the stallion".

    Installation :
    Unzip and install in you mods folder.

    How to unzip files :

    if you have issues with my animations not showing up in your game, please make sure from the wickedwhims settings under Main sex settings > Dynamic Animations Disabler> Homoerotic content, that those content aren’t disabled. Maybe you mistakenly disabled it or something I don’t know, but if you unzipped my file correctly and the animations aren’t showing up, it can be the cause of your issue.
    You can access to the list of animations here : 
    However the list is incomplete, for others available animations, refers to the updated download page. I will edit that page whenever I update my mods with new stuff soon.
    In order to display the animations properly, you need a Large penis model on your top male sim, and then using the Wickedwhims sliders (100 lenght, 60-80 girth).

    Happy simming.




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  2. Khlas Buffing Up! little interaction mod v1.0.2

    Requires XML injector : https://scumbumbomods.com/s/XmlInjector_v4_high_school_patch_fix.zip

    I made a simple mod just for fun.
    Added simself new interacton on the pie menu "Buffing Up!" with my own animations and a maxis match new custom icon.
    How it works :
    - Your sim need to be a male.
    - Your sim need to be a young adult, adult or elder.
    - Your sim need to have fitness skill level of 10.
    - Your sim need to have the active trait. Your sim can't use it if he's lazy.
    Others sims will react to the poses if :
    - They are sexually attracted by males sims.
    - They are teens or older.
    - The interaction will never play autonomously.
    - The interaction can’t be cancelled, but it’s not too long so shouldn’t be disruptive.
    It Works best with my pectoral jiggles tops unlock for males.
    NSFW compatible :
    The mod has WW interaction ; your sim will undress his top and the penis is animated if they are already nude. They willget an erection if they weren't already hard.
    Installation :
    Put the .package into your mods folder with the XML injector.
    Known issue :
    None, been fixed.


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  3. [LXA] April update collection

    这些是我在4月的时候发布在我Patreon上的更新,发现这里开了the sims 4 的板块,于是我就也在这边发布一下了。
    These are the updates I posted on my Patreon in April, and found that the sims 4 section was opened here, so I also posted here.
    Welcome everyone to visit my Patreon~!
    When I have time, I will continue to move the previous release content to this side~
    My Patreon Page:LanXuAnbaby is creating The Sims 4 | Patreon


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  4. Camping Buds - Gay Sex Movie

    ***Requires Movie Hangout Stuff Pack!***
    This is a short movie that has a few gay sex scenes that replaces the movie - "Sims of the Dead" 
    It will remove said movie and replace it with the title - "Camping Buds"
    Be sure to place both files in your mods folder, I couldn't merge the two for whatever reason, so one file is the video and the other is to replace the menu text in game. 


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  5. Boys in Bed - Movie Replacement

    Requires Movie Hangout Stuff Pack!
    This is a short movie that has a few sex scenes that replaces the movie - "Moonlight Massacre III" 
    It will remove said movie and replace it with the title - "Boys in Bed"
    Working on fooling around with resolution and frame-rate to make things look better as this just matches the in-game movie specs. 


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  6. Gay Themed Paintings

    21 gay themed paintings ranging from cute cuddles to threesomes! 😉
    All screenshots are my own.


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  7. Merman

    Just a Sim I made that I thought turned out pretty good ?


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