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  1. Oh you didn't know ? yes I got this from patreon discord. From his patreon private link and this mod not for public. I assume you got this file from your friend but they never tell you this file for patreon ?
    Actually I also want to refit modern clothes like this but there is not enough time because there are many other refit tasks. At least I can enjoy this cool pose for my cute Uke. Ha ha.
  2. SOS V2 This is the importance of learning from games that are more modern and sophisticated in terms of graphics. A few days of trying out new games like Jedi survivor and Dead island, seeing how they render and render characters....the characters in Skyrim feel so outdated. SOS V2 is updated with a new specular as well and a few changes to the subsurface map. Now his body has the sensation of "rendered" and not just dead polygons from old games. Silky skin but feels thick and supple. SOS V2 is ready to be paired with the currently popular RTGI because it is also customized. The genitals and special pink holes are done too. Now only final testing and packing are more practical. SOS V2 will be divided into several segments for the skin. The default pack will use the Default SAM skin mixed with the best skins. Other skins will be available as optional such as Caucasian which is more reddish or semi redguard brown skin for rougher characters. Of course complete with new muscles. The screenshoot uses RTGI to show the best results and default SAM Muscles. The skin above is the base skin (Smooth). Adding hair is easy but the Basic Skin has to be correct first. Never make skin and cover defects with body hair. Make sure the base skin is good first.
  3. I have this armor original from Dint discord too. He released it to the public ? Amazing. I remember this armor also has some special and cute animations. You did a great job btw reshaping it into BILF as most of these armor parts are "tubular" or tentacle shape. The worst kind of shape material to refit XD. When my sos project is done, Maybe I will try tweak this armor later to make it more perfect. At least you've saved a lot of time by reshaped it into BILF. Keep going.
  4. Unless you change all npc face quality same with your character, your character become alien and not blend with them. Skyrim always fantasy game. Feel free pick your style. Realism ? Fantasy ? Just enjoy it. Nothing wrong pick one or another. Besides to make this game realistic require proper enb with proper shader setting too. Just take good 1 screenshoots won't make your skyrim good as whole. That one require heavy work for sure. Lot things to do than just using custom head meshes for realistic style. Make skyrim look modern realistic really not easy especially lighting setting. Keep spirit up and chase your skyrim dream.
  5. Now this is nice. Keep good work. πŸ˜ƒ
  6. This is not another level. It's a different kind of face. For some reason a face like this always looks odd in Skyrim because it's more suitable for the face of the Assassin's Creed game, aka Ubisoft, rather than Bethesda's. Not difficult at all with the cotr face. For me personally, this face doesn't even come close to the Bochu concept, which is more of an Asian face hybrid or similar to the face of Final Fantasy, aka Squareenix. Considering the millions of women replacer using fantasy faces, at least with bochu we have a man with a similar concept. Not to mention, beautiful according to woman modder very different from Beautiful men from gay perspective. That pretty face is too auntie-like than twink for me ( personally )
  7. SAM SOS V2 new Silky Smooth skin. I disable genital for now. Skin very close to modern game style and react better with lighting. Cleaner but realistic. New Ass hole textures. Reddish and very Flesh sensation. Feet, thigh, everything new. I put everything I know about skyrim male body there from SOS, SAM, Dizona...etc. New Pink Ass with virtual hole. Seems you can stab it with your finger there XD
  8. SOS V2 GENITAL I worked really hard on SOS V2 from fingernails down to the genital details. Genital which has a sensation like real flesh and the color is similar to the original. Diffuse, normal, specular, etc all new details. There are many genital colors out there but I like this one because it suits a man's body. I paint it down to the tiny veins, reddish gorgeous balls but manly. Please be patient because SOS V2 is expected to be a solution so that there are not too many load orders for SAM in the future.
  9. Don't worry I want patch Inigo to Bilf too. I will release Inigo bilf here with custom badass hair. Genital patch SOS complete too. I restored so many details from original file with my own AI processing with highest calculation to prevent any change of pattern. The fur look very good with more 3d depth. Body and head 4K, hand 2K. Good compromise between quality and gameplay. With this base I can make half shaved khajiit like flawn argonian. Hahahaha. Shave the chest fur like bra possible too XD.
  10. Rrrrrhhhhh.....SOS V2 HD Khajiit with separated genital....Complete. The quality up to 8K with real detail from diffuse, normal map and specular. BILF Patch normal map in process to make Muscular Khajiit. Thanks to bro Kou we got new stuff in town XD. Miaw....
  11. Oh no need to worry about genitals bro for now. You've taken great care of SAM for all of us, let us help you with that one XD. Your own ingredients make the quality of SAM much higher than before. But if you have plans to update SAM, sure we like it. Thanks a lot for that khajiit preview bro, we need it so badly because Khajiit skin sucks everywhere hahaha. For genital, for now I can remaster it to 2K without any flaw. Maybe If you want release your new SAM Light skin someday, that would be greatest legacy gift from you for sure. XD
  12. You can read my purporse there. Eyes is the window of our heart. In the past, I also studied psychology a little, so at least I knew how to read character faces. Eyes are important. Surely you see a lot of beautiful female characters, but it feels empty without any impression even though the pose is already beautiful. That's because the character was created without any characteristics, aka empty dolls. Before making a character for sure I always make a note. What character do I want and how is it. Micah is affectionate, gentle, a bit shy, full of curiosity, but also has a bit of polite Naughty. If he want sex, he prefers to give some sign to dragonborn than move first. After Micah, I also updated my own Dragonborn with a slightly different character. Very alert, never give up, definitely very Naughty without shame and hyper sex. But behind all that, he also does not hesitate to kill in cold blood while kissing someone tenderly. His eyes are a combination of Warrior and Predator. Sure he love to hunt beautiful twink XD XD.
  13. Thanks. Yes I'm in the mood for him. Literally sculpting his face like mad man and perfect vertex by vertex. Took me around 8 hours nonstop from scratch XD. But he still not perfect. Later I will finish this sculpt for total. More Micah
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