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  1. You must tag the cuirass in the SOS MCM Menu as Revealing. This ritual is like a tradition for all schlong hole-making armors.
  2. If you're talking about your own taste, don't make a formula like using certain tools to get good results. Because the facts are not like that. From your perspective, maybe the other person's character is not good. But are you sure that your own character is good for everyone with all your formulas ? Are you sure your creation is superior to others because of ECE and they all agree ? definitely not. My point is, just create your own fun mod in your own way and let other people create it in their own way.
  3. It's not about TOOLS but about SKILLS. If you use ECE since beginning you can create anything with it because you now how to use ECE more than anyone. But to say ECE can make better result I think not. Even with Racemenu I'm fine creating my own imagined character. Young...mature or elder...just the same. Even without ECE I'm fine making pretty boy too.
  4. SAM Twink Femboy Heels Feet body slide reference. Refit 3BA or UNP high heels for SAM with minimal effort ( like Conform All and done). Useful for femboy SAM lovers. I will load this reference for Vector later. It's possible now using Muscular body with Heels. Pretty sure we got lot stuff for gay top since long time ago but this one for bottom or femboy area.
  5. That mod is mandatory. Your choice only use Racecompatiblity mod or pass this mod.
  6. You will find many thong mod around here. That thong in my picture from Deathbed Thong elden ring. Not available for public for now because that file from request patreon member.
  7. No problem if you let me. I can work on that later for SAM community. Besides just need some part not whole map anyway because we must adjust the normal map according SAM anatomy so not possible to use all sos part. Not to mention SAM community taste kind different with nexus sos users or himbo. It's all from gay men perspective stuff. Hahaha.
    Looks good. I can use this skin for other men besides my dragonborn because it is very suitable for rough men too. I'm using my own normal map in this screenshoots.
  8. Regarding permissions regarding Vectorplexis assets, we have unwritten rules that have become customary. If you want to use Sam Light assets for work related to SAM, you don't really need written permission. The main rule of Vectorplexis is very simple ( This rules from Vector himself ), namely whatever you use on this website to create patches and anything about SAM, make sure the work remains only on Vectorplexis and is not used for other websites such as Nexus. Many authors here use my map and others that I don't even know about. But since it's all for the good of SAM and Vectorplexis, I don't mind at all. They always put credits too. Using rigid regulations like the nexus where everything has permission, like the governor's office, is not very useful around here because we don't have Donation points or personal Pride. All for the betterment of SAM and sexy Male Mods. Making a normal map for BNP is not difficult for many male modders at Vectorplexis. However, if permissions become problem then the mod will be difficult to develop because we can't possibly do everything ourselves in the mod world. Moreover, modder like Vobla ( our sis ) are very generous to the community and allow their work to be used for the good of the community. But because this mod is not mine, I can only suggest it for ease of creativity without limitations like the Nexus. You'd be surprised what modders have come up with around here that aren't available on the Nexus. Gay men and sexy Men mods have more creativity XD.
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