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  1. I have no Idea what the hell the mod does, you know this Forum is in English, right? So please write in English, not Russian I assume.
  2. Now this needs a BILF/SOS SAM Version the buttom Part is clipping at the butt XD
  3. Yeah that's what happened, pretty annoying. Always had to taek the mod out and restart sos then enable it again to make it show up.
  4. Me again lol SOS keeps on kicking TRX out of the Menu, making it unable to equip/use, friends told me it's because the esp is eslify. Thought I let you know
    Like the customizable Schlong a lot! 10/10
  5. Yeah that's what I did after re-anabling the Mod. I'm glad I can enjoy this customizable Schlong again lol
  6. Dunno if it's because of Savren's update, but the TRX isn't in my SOS List anymore... Updates his and your Mod and now it's gone Q____Q Edit: Okay it's fixed, had to disable your mod, load my save, save and then enable it again.
  7. Very nice! I didn't knew that a Schlong had such a nice Bodyslide, finally I can make saggy Balls xDDD
  8. Ohh nice a SAM Version of this Armor! Any plans on doing more in the Future? https://www.sunkeumjeong.com/post/christine-dragon-marauder Edit: Oh I see BILF only
  9. English Please, the description is unreadable.
  10. Looks pretty cool in the shots, gonna try this whenever I'm back to Skyrim.
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