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  1. Looks pretty cool in the shots, gonna try this whenever I'm back to Skyrim.
    Really like it, the Quality is stunning, hope to see more from you in the future. Combined it with Savrens Dark Elf Blader
    LOVE IT! Combined it with the Spartan Outfit from lilyrim
  2. That is some high quality shit right here, looks really really good ingame!
  3. Ohhh I like the stocking lol maybe put my Mage in it
  4. Armor Mods need to be Patches or some to work in Enderal. Never looked in this myself tho.
  5. Oh I like that Top, would really love to see this old Mod finished.
  6. Damn this is some fucked up shit... these People need to find the FREE real Mods and not pay for stolen work.....
  7. Always keeping our Eyes open for People who not follower the EULA of SAM. 💪🏼
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