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  1. Some stuff from Skyrim & other games , some from Zbrush , Daz , 3DS max and visual novels thingz I was working on . If you like to draw , create and sculpt I have some reference material which I've gotten from friends and fellow Artists on Artstation & Deviantart . Posted with permission , obviously. I try to keep things Safe for Work but some NSFW content can't be avoided . It is unfortunate Nexusmod is still such a sexist and homophobic place . My last Patreon was shut down thanks to mass reports from nexusmod scumbags a while ago , so I will be posting them here instead . Let's keep things open minded here shall we ?
  2. kosmos84

    Sorry for the lack of updates

    Nope, way too caught up with my job atm. I haven't really got the time to update my Skyrim mods 🙃 However I did spend the last few days trying to finish a few other mods I was working on as they are close to completion though 🤗
  3. kosmos84

    Enhanced Sam Light

    I've indeed baked a lot of face textures for COTR . In fact , each character I have shown are using a completely different normals and diffuses . That's how they can look dramatically different from skin tones to races , free from the constraints of RaceMenu. But IDK If I am ready to release those to the public . Releasing this on nexusmods would discourage people from visiting vectorplexis , which is not my intention at all . Release this on vector would directly compete with HPH , again not my intention as well .
  4. kosmos84

    Enhanced Sam Light

    No , I have never show the particular texture to the public . This is just another Normal Map I was working on . No estimate release date atm as I am working on many mods at once , on top of my own client works . Afaik , there are also a couple of other modders working on a new Sam Light textures which I think you will see them soon .
  5. kosmos84

    Enhanced Sam Light

    its already done . The thing with body texture is , it has to be working with multiple different morphs so the skin still look natural with Sam / Samuel 100 / 0 . Which means a lot of polishes and modification are needed. A few person are also helping me testing it but I am still unhappy with a few spots , such as the armpit.
  6. kosmos84

    Enhanced Sam Light

    It is do-able but it would not have the same effect . Because that is a different body models , it has a completely different normal map as well . If you port it to Sam Light it would look completely different , so not the result you want.
  7. Hahahah, because his owner has very strong hand ! If you get what I mean 🤪
  8. ****NSFW , please DON'T read this post in the public ** Of course it is possible but I don't see why I have to be doing that. No offense to the guy but I have schlongs of nicer shapes, nicer textures. I even name each of them take a look. Most importantly they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes for different races. So if I am doing re-texture, it will come from my own things - the stuff that I have rights to use, not abandoned dishes of homophobic modders who keep half-assing male mods and only come to find us when they need nice dicks to **** their women. .
  9. He is really petite! I want to design a Egyptian set for him with gold scales underwear hahaha. He looks good in gold 🤪
  10. no worries my friend , RL comes before everything. You just do what you gotta do, release them whenever you want to. I've done some modification but they are mostly minor work compare to what you do. Agreed on the UBE schlong, I am hesitate to use their assets as well.
  11. Mesh is the 3d polygon object where we wrap the textures onto. We are going to retexture the Sam Body at some point , and eventually the schlong as well . Also I don't want to spoil the surprise here , I know one of the prominent skin texture modder is also working on a set for Sam Light , so I think you will see them pretty soon. As for making a new mesh , frankly speaking Skyrim is a very old engine. You really do not want to cramp all these high polygons on something when the texture ( normal map ) can convey the same amount of detail. SOS already has a TRX add on if you didn't notice - > loverslab.com/topic/184755-trx-sos-addon-male/ Also I was just looking at TRX asset . TRX definitely does not come from that asset you linked me lol. As someone who is working in the field , I recognize that 3D penis from light years away lol. Even so one of our main issue for a new penis is , how are we going to update the thousands of mods we have that are based on the old Sam Light ? The amount of workload is just insane.
  12. I have already done that a while ago, here is the completely re-arrange UV coordinate of the Sam Light Schlong . But I haven't have time to paint it yet ☺️ I even make 2 maps, 1 for the foreskin, 1 for the schlong 🤪 They can now use 4k, 8k maps no problem. But I think I should ask Bro KLF first because these are his asset, out of courtesy. I would also like to fix a few things with the Sam Light body ( like the hand ) so they are less stretched. You know what this means right ? Meaning ALL of our previous refits that has schlong will need to be completely patched and updated 😱
  13. Oh , I guess I should be more elaborate. When they told you they " use " this asset, they are not telling the full stories. Skyrim will not accept more than 65k poly mesh, so they must be using the castrated ( cut down poly ) or mutilate it into parts. If that is the case , what's the point then ? Just the nice textures and more sliders ? That's pretty much what we want with everything. Sam Light's schlong isn't meshes bad , it just need more intuitive sliders and perhaps some preset so people can quickly morph into a variety of different shapes.
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