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  1. I fell in love with your Tyr from the first moment. And your Harem is also very nice. But what about the Durus and Hafid ? Especially Durus. 🙂

    1. vpluzix


      thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying the mods

      it took me a lot of time to make Harem of Men, the creation kit process is very boring and tiring not to mention I had to reopen the game everytime I created a new npc/follower to see if everything was correct

      Harem of Men is a pack of 8 standalone followers, it took me a lot of effort, setting up the folders structures, assigning texture paths, creating head parts in CK like the hairs and eyes, getting the correct npc data so the followers look exatcly the same as their House of Men mod counterparts and so on...when I finished the mod, I was really exhausted

      also if I were to add the rest I would have to open the esp in CK and do it all over again

      don't worry though I plan on making more, I'm gonna take 3 of the 6 NPCs in Sexy Monks mod and turn them into standalone followers too

      these 3 to be exact:


    2. vpluzix


      sorry but I won't be uploadinjg said NPCs as followers here at vector anymore because the admin doesn't respect the community

      the website has been facing issues and he was offered help to solve said issues, but he refused, forcing the users to depend solely on him, someone who doesn't give a damn about the mods we only have because we thought we had a stable home to upload them

      if he truly cared about doing HIS job, he would've accepted help and vectorplexus would be stable and thriving again, but unfortunately that's not the case

      thankfully SavrenX - someone who truly cares about the Skyrim gay modding community - already made backups of the most important core mods, at his website: www.savrenx.com

      vector can rot for all I care, I got fed up with sh1ny's bullshit

  2. ByFly

    ...we will sit at mug of good ale 🙂
  3. ByFly


    " - No, we will also take your underpants " 🙂
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