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  3. I tried to use this with AE and am getting weird crotches. Well, not me personally, but the males in my game all have crotches that look like the stereotype of someone eating a lemon, all puckered in with no dangly bits. I thought I had taken a screen shot of it but can't find it. I had to disable the mod as the males look really bad, I'm doing a complete playthrough after two years, and don't want to mess around with a stable load order unless there is a solution to this issue. All my other mods are up to date and version correct as is AE, SKSE, etc. Is this mod not compatible with AE? Is there something *else* I need to download to make it work?
    Many thanks and appreciation for your work! It seems to be working successfully and visually very well! But strangely only penis types C and D worked properly, types A and B (circumcised) went back to the vanilla version. Do you have any suggestions for fixing this situation? I also installed the following mods Totally Lore Accurate Packages - Larger Genitalia for Males Tav's Dadbod Furreaky Friday Enhanced Nude Male Bodies Muscular Male Dragonborn
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  6. I have downloaded the mod and installed using Mod Organizer. The game does however not seem to start with this installed. Any advice?
  7. dekanos

    Starfield - Hot Traveler Boy

    See my handsome and delicious baby boy in Starfield. And so it begins...
  8. Hello! How to make him more muscular, like in your screenshots?
  9. Draspian


    https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/3776 I plan on expanding this collection as soon as tools like Outfit Studios let me modify meshes glued together in a single BSGeometry. For example, making Sam shirtless without taking away the jacket, with an effect similar to the Argos Jumpsuit below. It is not currently possible without many complicated extra steps that go way above my head.
  10. joro


    Your char is beautiful, if possible, could you share this preset?
  11. Please consider posting some of your characters as presets in an optional download! They're super cute and way better than anything I've managed to make so farrrr 😭
  12. Thanks for your advice regardless, Erdene 😄 I've also whittled down the issue to the naked body, because, as it turns out, I installed the revealing robes mod from here, and the schlong is fully visible with working physics with it. It's just the nude body not having the schlong.
  13. dekanos


    Nope. Sorry, it's my character. I just have the "Alternative Camera" mod that's why the camera is facing my pc when choosing my dialogue.
  14. Sorry no, never got this issue. I just recently started modding the SE version myself, and I don't get everything, so I have no idea what could be causing this. Someone else may know
  15. After switching to SAM Light, I'm running into issues with the schlong. When allowing XP32 Skeleton to be the most recently installed mod, I get all the RaceMenu scalings I want to use for my character: but when I do so, I end up with this: Once I reinstall SAM Light and have the schlong back, all of those scalings go away, the RaceMenu camera adjustments, etc... so I can't do what I want to with my character. Any advice on, maybe, load order, or digging a bit deeper into what the issue may be?
  16. is this mod available for special edition ive looked everywhere through this website and i cant find the se version if anyone of importance or is knowledgeable please send me the link for the mod page on this site if there isnt one available ill just wait i cant play with it on my current playthrough anyway
  17. Ah... understood. I remember SAM still having it's functionality when I played with SE last time, but that's a huge bummer. Can you provide any other mods that would allow SAM Light to match the functionality of regular SAM as much as possible? Is it just SAM Morphs for RaceMenu?
  18. I could be wrong, but I think you are using the LE SAM version on SE, it isn't going to work! For SE, you need to use SAM light, follow the instructions and download SAM Morphs for racemenu mod after, the link is on the SAM light page.
  19. Hey everyone, Looking for some profound assistance here... I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and, as many others in here, I just have to have a certain body mod going to have Skyrim be worth playing in the first place. Despite my best efforts this evening, I've only been met with the following: No matter what I'm enabling/disabling, etc., I can't get the schlong to be visible and it isn't visible at any point. The textures seem to also be missing, so I'm unsure of what to do without downgrading versions (which I'm unfamiliar with and would make adding other mods incredibly tricky.) The mods I have installed for the latest version of Skyrim (the 1.6.640 something-or-other) is: USSEP, Alternate Start, Apocalypse, Ordinator, XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended, FNIS SE 7_6, SkyUI 5.2 SE, SSE Engine Fixes, RaceMenu v0.4.19.14, SKSE64, Address Library, all SAM components (core, textures, refits), SAM Morphs for RaceMenu v1.0.5, and SAM High Poly Conversion SE v1.5. Any and all advice would be incredibly appreciated as I have a hankering for hunky adventuring, but without this functioning, it's up and dusted. Please let me know if any other information I can provide. Also forgot to mention that my character isn't present on the Actor drop-down in MCM, so I can only adjust things through RaceMenu, but again, bleak textures and no schlong... 😕
  20. I use OBody and the creator added SoSAM support to the newest version. The issue I run into, though, is that the neck seam is built into the weight slider, so on a preset that doesn't go to 100 on "Weight 0 to 1" won't match the head's neck size since the head's neck size follows the Weight 0 to 1 slider from 0 weight to 100 weight. In 3BA, there's a separate neckseam slider that is hidden so that bodyslide users don't see it.
  21. I really wanna try doing it but I gotta start from scratch and learn how to do it again. I need to encounter these stuffs in the game and get annoyed by it not fitting to AM2 and start doing it. Hopefully soon cuz I'm using the top endorsed FO4 collection and they have those on there.
  22. hello! Is the game you are currently working on going well? It's no different, but when you come back in the future, I'm curious if you'd like to make erect versions of the characters' penis parts just like the NPC nude mode...! I'm just asking because it's something I've been curious about recently, so you don't have to worry too much about it. Well then, good luck! The photos below were not included to make you feel bad! This is how another modder applied the nude patch! However, considering that the most recent patch ended in 2018, the codes for Wizard and Musa were different, and other characters were not applied at all, so I felt that it was inconvenient to use them due to the lack of continuous updates. So, I brought it here to make a suggestion to our dear producer..! Of course, please know that I am using Nupae really well now :)! In particular, I am so grateful for the modder's love for Seiji, as I feel the same way! If possible, I would like to provide support! Sorry if the translator was clumsy and rude!
  23. Why there is no anymore same penis texture like here Where these texture of it are ? PLEASEE Why there is no anymore same penis texture like here https://vpstorage.sh1ny.net/attachments/monthly_2022_05/ScreenShot56.thumb.png.1af67a7fad9ae502972eca070cf7f6c9.png Where these texture of it are ? PLEASEE
  24. Does anyone know how to install this? I used Nexus Mod Manager, and there's no plugin in the load order so I can't arrange how these textures load as shown on the download page. I can see the textures change on the penis area when in racemenu, but nothing happens to the rest of the bodies texture, normal map/diffuse etc.
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  26. Jackson2


    Not only the script extender. Address library as well. People working fast lol https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/3256 Mods can't come fast enough, these are the best models Beth has ever produced. Sam is gorgeous, and their hands, fingernails and such are already so high poly and detailed. The only thing I would change about him is his hair, that mullet has to go, give him short hair instead and perfect lol And mission accomplished
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