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  1. I agree with the idea that Skyrim, through mods, let us some freedom to mold a fantasy world, and because is a mini-world it needs care in multiple aspects. I 100% respect those who make people look like Genshin or those who are heavy metal fans and make Skyrim like a gothic carnival, after all is their game and their tastes. My point is that in fact some sobriety is cool and effectively blends much easily with the game, as an example I downloaded the wonderful Blazing Inferno SAM, I really like the armor, specially how the skirt plays, but to be honest it's to much shiny and posh to play with. Another thing is prepare you char for a photo session where integration or any other gameplay aspect is secondary.
  2. XD Of course, I know the asian style influence and all that, but, I simply like some kind of realism. To me comic style faces are good in paper but not so good in 3D games, specially in Skyrim feels out of place.
  3. Thank you. I was able to port for myself the stuff to LE, but don't seem to work on NPCs, anyway it's great for the PC and followers.
  4. axland


    Nice pic.
  5. Have you seen the work of CoralineKoralina? I don't want to offend anyone, but their faces are in another level for twink/bochu characters. I almost always worked with ECE, so I have near zero knowledge of Race Menu and all that, but that could work with SAM?
  6. My problem with this version of YGNord is that don't preserve the face textures of the original which I like more. Also the textures of the torso of the original are simply perfect for the job. The legs of the original, specially the meshes, are not great, nor the textures of the hands or the feet, also there is no nude version. And that is a dilemma, because I like both versions but none accomplishes the goal.
  7. That sounds interesting, I'm using Cobb Encumbrance and Fighting Fatigue trying to simulate something like real combat. Fighting Fatigue lets choose between 1h, 2h and projectiles which is basic but enough. I must point that the weight itself don't determines the amount of stamina needed to use it. Let me explain. One of the most tiring weapons is the rapier, it's not that heavy and it's 1h, but because is intended to use with the arm extended is only supportable by trained fencers, that's why a lance being twice the weight is less tiring than a rapier. So, in conclusion, the stamina is per specific type of weapon and how is their intended use (In Fighting Fatigue I always set 1h and 2h at the same level for that reason). As a side note, all weapons in Skyrim are wrong in weight, length or speed (or wrong in the three parameters) and correcting that could be a daunting task (yes, I tried to make a mod correcting all vanilla weapons). Also is important to note that with Fighting Fatigue you can set the amount of stamina required for running, swimming and sneaking. And that is crucial because otherwise we are favoring magicians. As you can suspect stamina becomes the equivalent of magicka for fighters, but setting the mentioned stamina cost per movement you ensure that everyone needs some amount.
  8. Modders usually use Bodyslide + RaceMenu. But if you are not willing to edit outside the game, the shortcut is ECE (Enhanced Character Edit) which is what I use always to get quick results ingame. With ECE you have sliders for most body parts including face.
  9. More pics, you can see I mixed Daren with Witcher Leather Pants. I feel the pelvic are looks better. Note that the body changed, I think is Sundracon, because the pants, but is barely noticeable because I retouched the torso and the legs with ECE.
    To be honest, this armor is not the best textures wise, specially the metallic parts. But damn, my char never looked so sexy. It's a pleasure see him running or fighting. I can only imagine what could be achieved with Xtudo's help. Thanks
  10. Who is this char? I like it. It's rare to see any custom char that I like. We can find beautiful girls but the boy's side it's a disaster.
  11. Thank you very much. I was asking myself what failed when done. Finally I managed to get it done, but adding property to the mesh not inserting block. Thank you very much.
  12. Are not files DXT 5 capable of holding an alpha channel? The Photoshop DDS plugins cannot save in DXT 5?
  13. Hello. I managed to use the Hi-Res textures from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3765?tab=files&file_id=16337&nmm=1 and the SAM Vanilla Armor Replacer at the same time. I'm very pleased, but the problem is that I'm using the capeless version and, of course, the SAM meshes are showing the cape again. It's a shame, because the cape hides partially the improvements in the mesh. The Nightingale is arguably the best armor in vanilla and deserve a capeless version. I tried to do it myself, but I'm lost because I can't edit it with Nif Scope, my Photoshop don't have DDS plugins disposable and I never touched a tool like Blender. I think it's not hard to do, I learned that is possible a shortcut "painting" the cape in an alpha channel and will become transparent. If not, must be edited. Any support o idea will be welcomed, than you. Axland
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