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  1. sh1ny

    Teddy 2

    Oh my. What a posture, what a composition! Just revealing enough to let my imagination go wild yet still tickling my aesthetic senses. Not to mention Teddy himself! *melts*
  2. sh1ny

    Gabriel 2

    I'm getting no sinister vibes whatsoever! Soft, cozy, poorly-lit environment is actually quite inviting! As to grinning, he could probably use some of Zane's facial expressions techniques… provided Zane is willing to perform a master class.
  3. sh1ny

    Atlas 2

    Ohh! Pure, undistilled hotness!
  4. That is not necessary. The very fact you created the thread shows determination. Your account will be removed immediately. Goodbye and wish you all the best!
  5. Hello, Please use plain text to describe your reason. In practise, even nearly nonsensical message will do. It is there merely to ensure you don’t request account removal mistakingly and understand its consequences. Cheers!
  6. sh1ny


    I’m happy this means a lot to you, as it does for me. Thank you for these heartfelt words and also this unusually wholesome personal Madoc! Gosh, this discussion was already full of surprises and they keep coming! If you ever feel you’re being a bit too harsh on yourself, remember, just like Zane, you’re a human being. And if your demons are protective, caring, and, on top of all, loving, I’d say that alone is quite something!
  7. sh1ny


    Thank you for this beautiful glimpse into your world! You can’t really separate inner self from your creations, I suppose. At least, not for too long. I had a growing feeling Zane and Red were very special to you. As a recurring arc, obviously, but also by how surprisingly lively, rich and detailed it has been. Your introspection is extremely touching and tells a lot. I never expected this much honesty and I’m very grateful for it. You had my admiration before, and now you have my empathy. I also sense there might be another side to it, and perhaps more stories to tell. As bad as I may be at providing comfort, I’m still an attentive observer.
  8. sh1ny


    Sticking point it is, then. And it’s about to be resolved!
  9. sh1ny


    It’s great that you’re exploring depth of human – and demon, as it seems – emotions. Paradoxically, it appears much more intimate than actual intimacy. Is it just me? I can only wonder what stumbling block it was. Or was it a sticking point?
  10. sh1ny


    …and, unsurprisingly, just as hot.
  11. I don't like at all where this thread is going. KennyYeti's account has been suspended for a while due to evident trolling behaviour and clearly snarky remarks. If you have a point to prove, whatever that point is, be constructive. TOS apply. Closed.
  12. Hello @Rezavax, 2S361/2 is an error code indicating that an invalid redirect URL was passed in a OAuth request to VectorPlexus, and the sporadic white screen issue is likely an Invision Community bug/browser combo (Wabbajack in its current implementation has to use its own embedded version of web browser to be able to intercept certain calls). Wabbajack community recommends to download affected mods manually, to my best knowledge.
  13. A corrupted database table, which has been restored.
  14. Hello, thank you for the feedback. It should be okay now.
  15. sh1ny

    Sit Still

    Phenomenal job! So sensual yet tender, without being extra lewd. Love this one!
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