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  1. sh1ny

    Crimson Cocoon

    The last two screenshots are absolutely breathtaking! It's amazing to see how Red is able to use his demonic magic in such a unique and uncharacteristic way — providing healing and comfort to Zane's wounded body and soul. It's truly a beautiful sight, seeing how Red is so devoted to protecting Zane at all costs. His wings spread open wide, radiating with that seemingly demonic energy but now it's so different. The tenderness between these two characters is so palpable, it's as if they're sharing a special bond that transcends the boundaries of life and death itself. Thank you for creating such an incredible piece of art! No doubts, the way you keep bringing these two so perfectly stems from the fact that you're telling a very personal story. Thank you for this honesty. I'm always amazed by your skills and vision!
  2. sh1ny

    Crimson Cocoon

    The new style of screenshots in this set of pictures is truly remarkable! It takes the art of screen archery to a whole new level, creating a beautiful and uplifting atmosphere rather than the gloomier images from the set before. Red looks absolutely incredible with his new hairstyle and the face tattoo covering his eyes gives him a mysterious and powerful aura. The composition of the shots is impeccable as always, with the characters and their emotions being perfectly captured. The colors are vivid and vibrant, giving the images a sense of warmth and hope rather than horror and despair that usually accompanies such infernal creatures. The use of light and color adds an incredibly soft and tender quality, allowing to feel the warmth radiating from Red's protective embrace, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, we can find solace and healing in the arms of those we hold dear – especially seeing the emotional bond between Red and Zane, which is truly remarkable. It's clear to see that Red is willing to do anything he can to protect his special human, even if it means giving up a part of his nature. But as vigours flow, nothing is truly lost. The mutual exchange of energies has changed Red so much. I wonder how that reflects on Zane when the time comes. Thank you. It's a perfect blend of subtlety and impact. I also want to thank you for supporting VectorPlexus in so many ways. Your contribution isn't just substantive – your aesthetics resonate so deeply with my feeling of beauty, which makes this community a very special place for me. I'm grateful for your involvement, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Your vision and creativity are invaluable, and I'm so glad to have you as an integral part of the VectorPlexus family.
  3. Dear community, I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news with all of you. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ko-Fi with the goal of making the future brighter for VectorPlexus and improving page loads and download speeds for everyone by moving files to faster, more resilient storage. And the best part? One of our avid community members and mod author, @ SavrenX, has generously contributed to this campaign. We all know how frustrating slow download speeds can be, especially when we're eager to try out new mods and content. With this crowdfunding campaign, we can make a real difference and ensure that everyone has ad-free access to these amazing mods at lightning-fast speeds. The mods hosted on VectorPlexus have added so much depth and richness to so many gameplay experiences, and now there's the opportunity to support the home of these mods. Every contribution, big or small, will make a difference. And a huge thank you to SavrenX for leading the way and showing us all what it means to be a compassionate and generous community member. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that everyone has access to the amazing content that VectorPlexus has to offer. Thank you for your support!
  4. sh1ny

    Cradled From Death

    Thank you very much for such detailed insight. I never intended to take this deeply dramatic triptych at face value, yet I'm glad that I asked. Buffing up Zane to Skyrim standards was certainly a rare kind of eye candy. His fragile nature and the way the story unfolds before him are still eloquently put and subconsciously picked up. This is further amplified (and shamelessly exploited!) by seemingly ridiculous size difference, which, admittedly, has been my guilty pleasure for quite some time. In that context, I'd like to think of Red as some primal, relentless, almost natural (how ironic) force that carries Zane away in a stream that is life itself. He's that blunt, straightforward kick in the butt that any of us has to endure one way or another – or stay in the cradle forever. And as with each push, where does this take Zane to? You've shown the ultimate destination, from Red's POV. Only as a metaphor, I dare to hope. Watching Zane's journey has been surprisingly enlightening to better understand his creator. Thank you once again for this glimpse. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts more often, whether I gently elicit them from you or just silently lurking in the shadows. Oh! I focused on what was beneath the surface so much that I completely forgot about the aesthetic side of these frames. Despite you went unusually gloom and the contrast is so sharp, they are still so high above what I consider the baseline for great screenshots that I cannot let that stay implied. Simply gorgeous, as always.
  5. sh1ny

    Cradled From Death

    Oh my. Any backstory on this, may I ask? Since when did Zane grow a pair of angelic wings? And, most importantly, what happened to him?
  6. Hello, No, as per VectorPlexus EULA, this would be a violation. See the relevant message at the top of the page. You're free to upload the reskin here on vectorplexis.com, though.
  7. sh1ny

    Ready for Red 2

    My my, do I see horns growing out of Zane’s most handsome cranium? Red’s influence is potent indeed
  8. sh1ny

    Ready for Red 3

    Bored? Never! Not in this lifetime. Definitely my favourite couple
  9. Hi, Thank you for bringing that to my attention. You're absolutely right, this is an oversight on our part. Promptly fixed. Have a nice day!
  10. sh1ny

    Uro 2

    Eyes to get lost in
  11. sh1ny

    Teddy 2

    Oh my. What a posture, what a composition! Just revealing enough to let my imagination go wild yet still tickling my aesthetic senses. Not to mention Teddy himself! *melts*
  12. sh1ny

    Gabriel 2

    I'm getting no sinister vibes whatsoever! Soft, cozy, poorly-lit environment is actually quite inviting! As to grinning, he could probably use some of Zane's facial expressions techniques… provided Zane is willing to perform a master class.
  13. sh1ny

    Atlas 2

    Ohh! Pure, undistilled hotness!
  14. That is not necessary. The very fact you created the thread shows determination. Your account will be removed immediately. Goodbye and wish you all the best!
  15. Hello, Please use plain text to describe your reason. In practise, even nearly nonsensical message will do. It is there merely to ensure you don’t request account removal mistakingly and understand its consequences. Cheers!
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