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Men and Muscles

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  1. Men and Muscles

    Men and Muscle

    A folder for some fine fellas. The hunkier the better
  2. Men and Muscles


    It's the Einar outfit found here:
  3. Men and Muscles

    Teddy 2

    The only three things you need in life
  4. Men and Muscles

    Teddy 1

    Careful, if you taunt the bull you get the horn
  5. Men and Muscles

    Teddy 2

    Sometimes a little peek behind the curtains is more tantalising than the full thing Teddy is such a tease A playful big boy, my favourite!
  6. Men and Muscles

    Gabriel 2

    I think I know why I thought he looked sinister, it's the hair. I'm currently playing a game with a character that has hair over his eye who is sinister all hell. Hubert from Fire Emblem: Yeah, Gabe lacks Zane's goofball charm, a naive and boyish simplicity that comes with possibly a lack of intelligence
  7. Men and Muscles

    Gabriel 1

    If it was cold water I'm sure he'd have some shrinkage but he looks pretty well off to me
  8. Men and Muscles

    Atlas 2

    Good ol' Brutus/Atlas, he's still a people pleaser.
  9. Men and Muscles

    Grumpy Scaly Boy

    I used the Brutish Argonians mod: https://vectorplexis.com/files/file/5-brutish-argonian-male/ BUT, that won't get you this style of head shape. For that I used the sculpt menu in the RaceMenu mod to create him. You don't actually need the Brute mod, you can just import the head shape onto a regular Argonian. In fact, I would recommend you do that as the modded Brute race is bugged as the mouth doesn't move. Here is his preset and head to import in Racemenu. Put the "Terry Head" files into your mod folder "SKSE/Plugins/Chargen" and the Preset file into "SKSE/Plugins/Chargen/presets" Terry Head.nif Terry Head.dds Terry preset.jslot
  10. Men and Muscles

    Atlas 2

    Who needs a weapon when you have that thing swinging between your legs
  11. Men and Muscles


    Wave a big flag to distract people from that
  12. Men and Muscles


    He's less confused when naked.
  13. Men and Muscles

    Hugo 2

    Who needs a horse when you've got Hugo? He's pure draft horse
  14. The domain name has changed. This will work: https://vectorplexis.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9986
  15. Men and Muscles


    They're from this mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83524?tab=files They do take a lot of tweaking to get working right.
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