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Men and Muscles

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  1. Men and Muscles

    Red & Zane

    Oh, those boys of mine. 😈
  2. Men and Muscles

    The Beast

    An easy way is to download Community overlays 1: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95587?tab=description then paste the file into textures\actors\character\Overlays\Community Overlays.
  3. Sorry for the slow response but yes, Antgenral is correct, it is Grimoas Plantigrade.
  4. Men and Muscles

    Goro's Big Hammer

    The rope is just a prop that is essentially floating in the air. All done with trickery to make it look real
  5. Men and Muscles

    Men and Muscle

    A folder for some fine fellas. The hunkier the better
  6. 3 of my favourite Skyrim fellas. Left to right: Atlas, Douglas and Teddy.
  7. Men and Muscles

    The Beast

    Another case of Skyrim being Skyrim, I'm afraid. So to make the custom head shapes I use the Sculpt tab in Racemenu but if you look in the bottom corner, the little box the cursor is pointing to is greyed out which means that part can't be edited and it just so happens to be the horns. Now, if there was a way to enable that morph in an ini file or something I could easily make horns work correctly but I'm not technically proficient enough to figure it out, plus it's probably disabled for a reason, likely a crash.
  8. Men and Muscles

    The Beast

    Unfortunately this is a known issue with these overlays, the stronger the fog the more apparent the error. They also disappear completely when covered by water so it appears to just be the way the game prioritises rendering. All you can really do is lower the fog effect if you use an ENB. Not ideal but the other solution is to edit the underlying body texture but then all Argonians will share the same texture.
  9. Men and Muscles


    He can have more than my heart, heh. πŸ‘
  10. There's a few but this one is probably the best so far: https://www.nexusmods.com/baldursgate3/mods/666
  11. Men and Muscles

    Duncan 3

    Haha, oh dear. I forgot I'd written that Pretty apt description though.
  12. A few more of my big guys Charlie: Even without clothes he's still very dapper: Daryl and Jansen getting in trouble at the Mages College. Not sure how Daryl ended up naked but the Arch Mage was not impressed: Jansen doing his best to hide behind Daryl: A big older beefcake called Turgan: Big hung daddy:
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