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  1. Men and Muscles

    Crimson Cocoon

    Thanks, Shiny. I'm eternally grateful that I've found a place where I can share these kinds of things in the first place. These two are some of my favourite characters to create these little vignettes for. I just love their extreme juxtaposition visually and hopefully character-wise too. Red tends to bring out a sweet and gentle side to me, which is quite unexpected given he's a towering great demon. Thanks, again. I'm hugely appreciative of all of your comments and feedback, they mean a lot to me.
  2. Men and Muscles

    Men and Muscle

    A folder for some fine fellas. The hunkier the better
  3. Thank you so much. I love your in-depth responses, they help me think more critically about my own content as well as just being genuinely heartfelt Spot on assessment of Red, primal is the perfect word for him. And as you sort of implied, Zane does act as some kind of facsimile of myself albeit and idealised version. Again, thank you
  4. I've always had this idea that Zane is supposed to be quite frail (although I lost his design a bit when I made him too buff) and that Red is always having to care for him physically. That's why he's a mage that can't use magic and why he's never seen fighting. There is also the chance that Red is perhaps contributing to Zane's sickly nature in some way but his selfish demon nature makes him blind to what he's doing. Hence why he chooses to use a brute force approach to care, ignoring when Zane is ill and only focusing on physical threats as that's all he's equipped to deal with. Not that Red's relationship with Zane is entirely negative, Red is also seen as a huge motivating factor in Zane's life. Zane isn't just being dragged unwillingly through life, he actively fights for it with Red's help, even if it pushes him to the extremes. Zane's wings here could just be a manifestation in Red's mind, showing how he genuinely believes he's 'saving' Zane from death and how he sees anything holy, such as the afterlife, as the real evil as it is trying to steal Zane away from him. The broad theme for the set was to show how for some the idea of death is the ultimate enemy but for others it's the ultimate mercy. Anyway, maybe that's too pretentious for a Skyrim screenshot but thank you for allowing me to share
  5. Men and Muscles

    Ready for Red 3

    I don't know what it is about these two, maybe I just want my own daddy demon irl
  6. Men and Muscles

    Ready for Red 2

    Haha oh yeah, I didn't even notice that. It's just Red's curly horns at a weird angle but I have played with the idea of Zane becoming slightly... corrupted, shall we say, before.
  7. Men and Muscles

    Uro 2

    There is something mesmerising about those bright blues. Rare of an Orc to be so charming.
  8. Men and Muscles

    Torgard 3

    Yes, I could never get along with SE, personally.
  9. Men and Muscles

    Charlie Bound 2

    The perfect candidate to get tied up
  10. Men and Muscles


    It's the Einar outfit found here:
  11. Men and Muscles

    Teddy 2

    The only three things you need in life
  12. Men and Muscles

    Teddy 1

    Careful, if you taunt the bull you get the horn
  13. Men and Muscles

    Teddy 2

    Sometimes a little peek behind the curtains is more tantalising than the full thing Teddy is such a tease A playful big boy, my favourite!
  14. Men and Muscles

    Gabriel 2

    I think I know why I thought he looked sinister, it's the hair. I'm currently playing a game with a character that has hair over his eye who is sinister all hell. Hubert from Fire Emblem: Yeah, Gabe lacks Zane's goofball charm, a naive and boyish simplicity that comes with possibly a lack of intelligence
  15. Men and Muscles

    Gabriel 1

    If it was cold water I'm sure he'd have some shrinkage but he looks pretty well off to me
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