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  1. Glad you got it working! I don't use those mods very often, but you kind of have a choice of frameworks between SexLab and OStim. Technically I think you can use both, but I imagine that probably gets heavy on the game.
  2. No problem, if it still doesn't work even with you manually replacing the .dll I'd bet something else is causing the issue. If it's not starting at all that's usually an outdated mod that uses a .dll, or a missing master (either not installed or just wrong load order), but I'm happy to help more if that ends up being the case.
  3. The updated .dll should replace SOSAM's, but you said you enabled it so that it was overwriting SOSAM which should have the same effect. Tried to give a little more in-depth instructions in the spoiler.
  4. What mod are you using? LE or SE/AE? If SE/AE, 1.5.97 or 1.6.640? If it's crashing that early you're probably either using the wrong version for your Skyrim install, using something like SOSAM that contains an outdated SOS .dll (if you are any higher than 1.5.97), or maybe simply forgot a master.
  5. There's an updated .dll for SOS you need to use from LoversLab. SOSAM is only not compatible with AE because the SOS .dll it uses is outdated/made for 1.5.97. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/208074-schlongs-of-skyrim-dll-for-ae/ Has all the different AE versions, you'll want 1.6.640 if you're on the most recent SE/AE version of Skyrim.
  6. The Nexus has SAM refits for some of the actual AE (the paid upgrade, not just the SE update) armors if that's what you mean, otherwise practically none of the SE mods here required updating for AE. The mods adding SoS functionality (SOSAM or it's predecessors) to SAM need an updated SoS .dll if you don't downgrade, but that's available somewhere on LoversLab. There's really no reason to downgrade anymore, and hasn't been for a while, but I know people will strongly disagree with me so honestly, just do whatever is easier/more comfortable for you.
  7. Looks like physics/HDT enabled parts are stretching. Your skeleton mods should be below SAM/SOS I believe, something is overwriting part of FK's but I don't know what from just the screenshots. Try moving XPMSE/FK lower in your order. Edit: Also, there's a way to export your load order from MM, don't remember how off the top of my head but it's easier for people to read than screenshots. I mention that because I might've missed it, but I don't see actualy SAM Light in your list anywhere. Is that SOS AE mod just the .dll update or the full SOS?
  8. I'm not sure what all works in VR, but you can kind of replicate it (if I'm understanding correctly? You want NPCs to have various body hair). There's ways to use RaceMenu to apply overlays (from SAM Morphs for RaceMenu), and then to distribute them. Or something like Disparity and Diversity where each race has a unique texture.
  9. Technically speaking, AE is SE. The Anniversary Edition that you buy is just a collection of Creation Club content, but even if you only own Special Edition the current update is still 1.6.640. 1.5.97 is the last update before AE released, so people call it SE even though 1.6.640 is also technically SE. Hope that made sense. Also, despite what everyone keeps insisting, you are fine to be on 1.6.640, that update has been out for nearly a year and most mods have been compatible with it for months. If you really want to, yes you can rollback to 1.5.97 but I personally wouldn't bother. SAM Light should work on AE. What exactly isn't working about it for you?
  10. Was it Kirax's edits/refits? I don't remember if they were ever on here but I know he's got a Black Desert pack here, and there might've been a link to his site or Patreon from there. https://kiraxskyrim.com/public-work/bloodborne-pack-for-sam Other than that, the only one on here that I know of is Savren's Cainhurst set.
  11. I haven't personally used this AIO version (and am currently having the issue others had with the download failing so I can't check it), but nothing has changed for the AE update that should cause this to not work. Are you using a mod manager? I know it's a little obvious, but do you maybe have something loading after these refits that would overwrite them (high poly body for example)?
  12. His face in the first shot really got me giggling. 🤣
  13. Been crashing every few load screens so think I'm gonna either scale back what mods I have (unlikely because I'm lazy), or take a long break until some new mods come out (very looking forward to Apotheosis). Took more screenshots but wasn't really super pleased with them and also some are full nakey which is not something I've done super often.
  14. Oh... I'm feeling like I'm going to abandon my poor Orc to make an Argonian again. Ooo, they look great! Can't wait to see the final versions. 😜 I haven't taken any good many screenshots recently. But I have a couple.
  15. Hello, I am back and have brought orc. 😩 I am surprisingly pleased with how he turned out (especially after realizing I had been fiddling with character creation on and off for like eight hours). I also told myself I was really, actually, very seriously going to play the game this time (hahaha) so I don't have poses or anything (I did feel the strong urge to grab the FreeFlyCam plugin).
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