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  1. With the recent advent of ADXP|MCO, SCAR, and poise mods, a stamina system is necessary for gameplay balance. ADXP|MCO + SCAR allow enemies to chain infinite combos while poise mods potentially trigger constant staggers. None of the mods I've tried that offered a stamina system really worked in the way I wanted. I'm currently working on a Dodge Attack Stamina (DAS) framework mod that's written entirely as an SKSE plugin for SE/AE. It consists of a dodge framework, dodge stamina system, and attack stamina system. Since I'm not versed enough in the myriad of mods out there that offer similar features, I'm asking the folks here for some feedback on the features. Dodge Framework Sprintkey dodge + hotkey dodge are implemented and currently supports dodge animations from DMCO (8-way dodge) and TK Dodge (4-way dodge). I like DMCO's double tap feature and implemented it for TK dodge animations (single tap for step dodge, double tap for dodge roll). The ultimate goal is to create my own Nemesis patch for animations, but that's a low priority. Dodge Stamina Stamina cost for dodge is based on the player's body weight and player's equipment weight. This allows light/cloth armor to use less stamina for dodging as a way to balance poise mods that favor heavy armor. DMCO is an amazing dodge mod, but I just do not like its implementation of the stamina cost (as of v0.96). TK Dodge simply has a fixed stamina cost. Attack Stamina Stamina cost is based on weapon weight for melee/bow/crossbow attacks and magicka cost for magic attacks. Affects player and NPCs. For melee attacks, the stamina cost is applied per weapon swing event. For example, a dual wield attack animation consists of 3 weapon swings (right, left, right) on a single button press. The stamina cost is applied for each weapon swing using the weight of the weapon that was used in each swing. For bow/crossbow, stamina cost is applied during bow draw and again during arrow release. Crossbow works in reverse (bolt release, bolt reload). For magic attacks, the cost is applied after a spell cast. Currently, concentration spells have a single cost. I haven't figured out how to hook into the spell cast function to apply cost per second. The multipliers for dodge stamina and attack stamina can be individually configured by the player. All the features listed are fully implemented and functional.
  2. My SAM Morphs for RaceMenu mod includes an optional bodygen preset that applies Samson/Samuel morphs to all male NPCs in the game (over 2k records) based on class archetypes used by the original SAM mod. SAM refits are required to see the morphs in-game. I don't use it personally, but Autobody seems to support the bodygen format used by RaceMenu if you don't want RaceMenu to handle it.
  3. @meraxes1982 It all boils down to common courtesy to mod authors with regards to the usage of their mods. That other site cited some archaic abandonware logic regarding SAM and Vector's absence, but went ahead and stole my high poly SAM meshes, made some changes, and rebranded it as SMMB. Even the fingernail meshes I created were stolen. The most aggravating thing is that some folks here still occassionally ask me to support it regardless if they're aware of its origins.
  4. This (unfinished) armor port has been sitting in the backburner since 2017 🙃
  5. That's my Alexios character preset. The hair mesh was ported from ACO for personal use and the HPH head mesh was sculpted in 3DS Max to match Alexios' actual head mesh from the game. I don't remember what I was working on before life happened, but the skin textures are more than halfway done. I remade them all in 4k as a base and completely redid the skin pores.
  6. Long time, no see. You haven't been this active since the HoT days before we all moved here. I still remember the screenies you posted on porting your Norn's armor set from Guild Wars 2.
  7. It's been awhile. The heatwave makes it difficult to do anything productive. 🙃
  8. Testing custom eye meshes with tinted eyelashes to match hair color while also fixing the annoying transparent eyes bug with ENB under certain lighting.
  9. @zhayan13 I'm running a hybrid setup with the AE update (v1.6.318) along with SkyrimSE.exe and binkw64.dll from the previous version (v1.5.97). CC content from the AE update like fishing and survival mode work fine with the 40 SKSE plugins I use. Unlike the previous updates, I suspect that the only change in the .exe was a compiler update, but only time will tell. With that being said, I do have a full backup of v1.5.97 if a rollback is needed.
  10. @HiroHaro ESL flagged mods are loaded differently from other mods in xEdit. The code I used in my script to detect load order will fail.
  11. It's not the end of the world like some people are making it out to be. I've already applied the AE update just to stop Steam from nagging me about it.
  12. @David Richard Correct. The same applies to all mods that rely on RaceMenu. @Billkwando It seems you're adamant on doing everything except the one thing I suggested: update the NPC records. As you have stated, that was created for the low poly head. It's telling the game that you're using the low poly head/brow meshes and, more importantly, the low poly head/brow morphs. The "beam" you keep seeing is the game trying to use the low poly head/brow morphs with my high poly head/brow meshes. They're not compatible.
  13. @HiroHaro The ESL flag is not supported. @dbrown39 @David Richard It's up to Expired to update RaceMenu (specifically its skee.dll plugin). While the source code for it is available on github, I don't know if it's updated nor do I want to touch it. @Billkwando When modifying an NPC's appearance, both the FaceGen data (.nif) and the NPC head part records (.esp) must match. Otherwise, there will be the infamous black face issue (invalid facetint) or mesh distortion (invalid morphs). It looks like you changed the FaceGen but didn't update the NPC records.
  14. SKSE is one thing, but RaceMenu would also need an update.
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