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  1. So generate the BILF body again in outfit studio just to refresh the files? I had the entire body generated previously in outfit studio with BILF before the update. I thought that may be the case, but the weird part is how it’s back to normal after weight is adjusted in game and is regular on other races. I’ll try to generate the files again when I get a chance and I’ll let you know if anything changes. Thank you for your reply and giving me some insight!
  2. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m so grateful for this update!!! Everything is beyond stunning!! There is one problem that I am having and it’s exclusive to male khajiits, relating to weight sliders. When I change to make a khajit in race menu, I get a problem with a slight seam between the hands and wrist. When I change the weight slider to max (1.0 or anything else), then the seam disappears. If I load back into the game, then the seam returns and I have to repeat the process each load. It requires going into the race menu to change the weight slider to revert it to normal each time. Could this have any problem to do with the previously generated BILF body slide files. I cleared out male body assets (meshes) prior so I’m confused with the origin of the problem. So far, the only race that it affects is male khajiits. COR races are somehow unaffected by this and male argonians are normal. Please let me know if you have any insights on this and thank you again for the fantastic update!!!
  3. You’ve already done a very fantastic job! Pubic hair can wait, no need to rush and a new system does sound exquisite! Just awesome to think about we’re gonna have a compatible pubic hair (and maybe a new system)! Plus, I have a new pc on the way so you got all the time in the world!
  4. Absolutely looking forward to these and hopefully a working 3d pubic hair for SOS SAM! These two reworks were an absolute must and look incredible! Keep up the great work!!!!
  5. What 3d pubic hair are you using in the screenshots? I’ve been looking everywhere for one in SE that compatible with Sam light SOS!
  6. I just hope that the people capable and that want to do it are not holding back due to backlash. If every talented, gay content creator feels the same way then we may never receive/accomplish this feature. It is a shame that people (even within the same community) do not support creators fully even though we are only ever gifted great models/textures/clothing addons. Nexus features little support for these types of mods since they do revolve only around mainstream heterosexuality. Loverslab is a mixture of Kink/BDSM/Futa/Furry/Anime Girl content primarily relating to women as well. Sam content found on there can be easily found here which is not as many posts as our community contains. It is nearly impossible to reach out to anyone off of this site to ask about information that may come close to solving this problem. This community should want to move forward rather than shunning anyone that would want this to happen. Any type of content added here is always highly appreciated by me because it expands upon the natural male form when compared to the vanilla body. I know my bhole is as much of a part of who I am as a gay man just like my dong is a part of me. We have an animated (schlong physics) that make this feature that much closer to the true form. I just hope anyone hating this topic sees why an animated/textured anus would not be completely taboo for anyone wanting this feature. Thank you greatly for everything that you do and that you have done to further SAM overall. SAM light has truly been a blessing within Skyrim (and the gay community) and its foundation (SAM) will forever remain my favorite body design system.
  7. When I was looking for updates to rehaul the fems of skyrim, I wandered upon this mod... dw's CBBE 3BA with UBE Anus at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) I had just the normal 3BA which I do not pay much close attention to the females in Skyrim, but they possessed an actual anus before this which was really just an open hole. The transformation of this feature in the short amount of time is absolutely wild to me when pertaining to the women of Skyrim. There is already reworks in progress for different body versions for different female bodies. I bring this up mainly because there still remains no actual working anal physics within the gay community. First, the females of Skyrim get full vaginal physics and now they beat us to anal physics which have already been upgraded. Hopefully, SAM can feature this type of mechanic sometime close due the absolute morphosis of 3BA. I know the creators of this lovely community do not want to further this but hopefully someone can take on such a task with the ability to transform our favorite body shape. It is a shame that if I want to have a functional b-hole, I have to play as a female to get that. I dream of a day when I could have a SavrenX BILF body with an actual functioning boothole. We have the perfect body for skyrim (SAM and especially BILF), we just need the last possible thing left. The only thing left for this community is obtaining the working anus.
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