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  1. Steamlibrary/Steamapps/appmanifest_377160.acf", right click properties , general tap , attributes , click read only this is if you don't want to update your game at this time and break mods like in skyrimse or at lest be able to update on your own time table .
  2. todd404


    by giving the worst case scenario you will be pleasantly surprised if it comes out sooner . i have one last bag of confetti the good stuff 🎉🎊
  3. todd404


    1. the creation kit for it needs to drop 2. a scrip extender silverlock? 3 . custom skeleton maybe a year or two maybe three away
    i really love the piper ones so it is time to try this one 👾
  4. i might start posting pics again and this would help , if i remember correctly i used the naming trick (a.jpg. b.jpg.)to get the order right on the pics with the edit mod i uploaded
    one of my fav's 🎆
    the voice should be the selling point , no more annoying .
  5. i love piper some what , but this just might help me connect more , iv'e come back to fo4 for a bit
    love your work, you have made my simming fun and enjoyable for a bit now , hugs
  6. (Version 2.0.7 ) some for help for QCA if using vortex you may have to Activate ESL file Manually due to it not showing up in your plugin tab C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Custom.ini Add the following data [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= and save i ran in to AM saying it was inactive ,
  7. todd404

    fun out 4

  8. i just saw this and about died i have to try it and thank you 🥳
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