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  1. todd404


    by giving the worst case scenario you will be pleasantly surprised if it comes out sooner . i have one last bag of confetti the good stuff 🎉🎊
  2. todd404


    1. the creation kit for it needs to drop 2. a scrip extender silverlock? 3 . custom skeleton maybe a year or two maybe three away
    i really love the piper ones so it is time to try this one 👾
  3. i might start posting pics again and this would help , if i remember correctly i used the naming trick (a.jpg. b.jpg.)to get the order right on the pics with the edit mod i uploaded
    one of my fav's 🎆
    the voice should be the selling point , no more annoying .
  4. i love piper some what , but this just might help me connect more , iv'e come back to fo4 for a bit
    love your work, you have made my simming fun and enjoyable for a bit now , hugs
  5. (Version 2.0.7 ) some for help for QCA if using vortex you may have to Activate ESL file Manually due to it not showing up in your plugin tab C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Custom.ini Add the following data [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= and save i ran in to AM saying it was inactive ,
  6. i just saw this and about died i have to try it and thank you 🥳
  7. i just love how shity people be on here , no wonder i walked off this site and dropped every thing . my point learn for your self how to make skin files with gimp ,photoshop ,and paint.net . i am completely done and no longer working on this i moved on
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