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  1. Ulfberto

    Virt a Mate

  2. make sure you are running f4se with your mod manager also you want to add to fallout4custom.ini the following settings. (If you are using mo2 you need to open with ini editor/ everything else, you need to go to documents/fallout4 folder) [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= Like this:
  3. Came here to clarify the usage of AM2. I'm fine with reposting the mod as that love user did for chinese users so it's more accessible to them (as long as the original authors were credited as well), but i never consent with making profit with it. To start with the fact most of the assets used in AM2 are not mine, so i couldn't even authorize that behavior myself. Also AM2 is free to fork, but not free to sell!
  4. i guess its just how it is, but prob can be fixed. I have to look into it
  5. only in craft ye, and not inject to leveled lists, so can't be found on npc.
  6. Hi, why does newest Atomic Muscle keep adding AM erect body in my inventory? How do I prevent this?

    1. johannshah


      I got the same problem too. The only thing I could prevent it is saving before you do sex with NPCs, then re-load your save.

  7. if you stay low and dont tell anybody you have mods you should be fine as they can't be detected. But yeah, modifying game assets is against ToS
  8. Getting into XMAS mood, thanks @bellasella for the render ❤️

    you can find more of this in their deviantart page https://www.deviantart.com/itsmuscleman

    MERRY XMAS.jpg

  9. having issues with atomic muscle. the penis textures glitch out and stretch out towards the female character


    1. Ulfberto


      please bring your issue to support discord server for archiving

  10. Guys, its been 3 months already and i didn't manage to unsuspend my old twitter account. So i'll be using this one instead, make sure to follow me:

  11. !!!DOWNLOAD!!! (AM) Raider Leather Gear.7z Features: 🌑 Craftable in ChemLab under the (Atomic Muscle) Raider Leather Gear category Requirements: Atomic Muscle and its requirements: Original Raider Leather Gear mod installed: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46489?tab=files INSTALLATION: Just install with your mod manager like any other regular mod. You want to load this file After the original mod and after MLU refit if you have it installed
  12. https://vectorplexis.com/files/file/757-ncr-outfit-pack-for-atomic-muscle/
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