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  1. Hi, why does newest Atomic Muscle keep adding AM erect body in my inventory? How do I prevent this?

    1. johannshah


      I got the same problem too. The only thing I could prevent it is saving before you do sex with NPCs, then re-load your save.

  2. if you stay low and dont tell anybody you have mods you should be fine as they can't be detected. But yeah, modifying game assets is against ToS
  3. hey @Aegis Brightfall, atomic muscle is not supposed to be used with bodyslide bcs the slider customization are all available ingame using looksmenu advanced sliders, just according to modpage description in usage section. The refits will morph the same way, bcs the .tri files for outfits are generated in bodyslide and looksmenu will automatically read them for ingame morph. For further Atomic Muscle support, please join our support discord server: https://discord.gg/AAUTgsJ76q
  4. Getting into XMAS mood, thanks @bellasella for the render ❤️

    you can find more of this in their deviantart page https://www.deviantart.com/itsmuscleman

    MERRY XMAS.jpg

  5. having issues with atomic muscle. the penis textures glitch out and stretch out towards the female character


    1. Ulfberto


      please bring your issue to support discord server for archiving

  6. Guys, its been 3 months already and i didn't manage to unsuspend my old twitter account. So i'll be using this one instead, make sure to follow me:

  7. !!!DOWNLOAD!!! (AM) Raider Leather Gear.7z Features: 🌑 Craftable in ChemLab under the (Atomic Muscle) Raider Leather Gear category Requirements: Atomic Muscle and its requirements: Original Raider Leather Gear mod installed: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46489?tab=files INSTALLATION: Just install with your mod manager like any other regular mod. You want to load this file After the original mod and after MLU refit if you have it installed
  8. https://vectorplexis.com/files/file/757-ncr-outfit-pack-for-atomic-muscle/
  9. all outfits updated for AM 2.0 can be found here https://vectorplexis.com/blogs/blog/14-atomic-muscle-200-refits/
  10. @ Sit check your discord when you can. There are some exciting news for the pactool update
  11. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/23914-captive-tattoos-atomic-muscle-refit/
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