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  1. Awww thank you so much my fellow kinsman @kreiste. I will always be happy to spam you with references, inspiration, and ideas. Gonna keep 'em comin'! LOL πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜πŸ€—
  2. Wow the first one (the green vest) looks so good Kreis! I love It. I'm Late for the first vote, but for the second one, i voted underwear (i love to see more thong, sexy, and naughty underwear design from you hahaha).
  3. Yea many Chinese guys have a slim and sharp (v-line shape) face like Korean guys now. Wow that face texture looks so nice Don! Looks good on that young and sexy looking Lu Bu hahaha. I Love to have a face texture that looks like a K-pop male idols (cute, fresh, handsome, and young, but still quite manly).
  4. Wow so you are an asian too Don? He is a follower in my game (I manually replaced the facegeom and facetint from CK with the one from RaceMenu), but i still cannot create a standalone follower without any dependencies (the steps are quite complicated). Can't wait to see your martial art pretty boy Don hahaha!
  5. Thank you so much Darnexx! I love creating asian character (i'm asian myself hahaha) and yes this armor suits him very well! I love this armor so much big thanks to Kreis.
  6. Hahaha you are so funny Don (female G spot virus thingie ). Yea one of the main reasons i bought Skyrim SE for my PC was because of this community. I've learned so much here so yes let's build and protect this palace together (although i cannot be of much help here).
  7. Very nice design Kreis (Both the armor and the naughty underwear design hahaha) and wow to that @Donpenis mesh! So happy that both of you are supporting each other. For the armor, It looks so good and sexy already. Maybe you can add a horizontal chains to connect the metal parts near the butt, and maybe a loose chains on the back part of the pauldrons.
  8. Tried COTR for the first time. I'm loving it! My newest NPC follower Tao. Sexy Nightingale Armor by @kreiste
    Thank you so much for sharing this Don! It looks so good on my merman NPC follower.
  9. Wow thank you icyhugs! Now that i think about it, it sure looks that way (the big guy is the coach and there rest are his students).
  10. Awww thanks for the kind words Kreis. Yesss the first thing i thought of when i saw the outfit was a hat, like omg this outfit really needs a hat! It's so fun to add some accessories and trinkets too. Can't wait for your next creation Kreis! Love it so much! 😍
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