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  1. zhayan13


    Ian Patterson of Silverlock has published SFSE on nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/106?tab=description and on Silverlock https://sfse.silverlock.org/, so we're off to some kind of start, anyway.
  2. zhayan13


    Are any of our fantastic modders planning to make adjustments and adaptations for Starfield? Or creating completely new things, skins, bodies? I'm sincerely hoping that you all will, as the game may become the 'next great thing.' I'm desperately hoping for a Bochu character! And maybe clear plastic space suits!
  3. "This plugin contains records that have FormIDs outside the valid range for an ESL plugin. Using this plugin will cause irreversible damage to your game saves." This is the comment on the mod in LOOT. I'm not knowledgeable enough regarding modding to know if this presents a real problem or not?
  4. Wow! These look like photos, not in-game captures! Absolutely amazing!
  5. Current character Ullryc. He's going through some things right now And thanks to SavrenX for his wonderful bochu mod and armour mods! Makes young Ullryc quite sexy.
  6. Revered Don, Pubic hair is a dream come true! but which file do we use to make this update? They seem to all be the same as were there previously. Or I'm not as clever as I thought? hahahahaha
  7. For me, your solution is very welcomed! I do get your dissatisfaction with the aesthetics, though. Comic books used to be written like this, and it never detracted from the art, in my opinion. But I'm older, and less inclined to judge on that score 🙂 I love the art, and I love the story being told, nothing else matters to me. HEHEHE
  8. I hate to whine, but the font is too dark against the background for me (partially blind with new-growing cataracts_) Yellow would be easier, or white bubbles like a comic book would be much better for me, at least. I enjoy what you do with these so much, I hate to lose out on this one.
  9. with that hairstyle, blond... different hairstyle, brunette might be better.
  10. okay talented genius... how much you want to convince you to post your serana overhaul as an npc for those of us with much less talent?
    Simply awesome! Sex scenes can sometimes look a little awkward with the penis flopping around too much, but suspension of disbelief takes care of that. And I'll admit to seeing some real life adult entertainment that demonstrated some of the same things I can't imagine not including it from this point onward!
  11. Don... this is a very sexy armour set, but for some reason, I don't seem to have textures from the download. Did I need to d/l the original for texture, or did I have a failed d/l? Nevermind... I had misapplied the esp, working now. Even more amazing in my game!!! Thanks P.S. your work is amazing!
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