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  1. Hey I just want to say thank you I've been trying to figure out the correct spot for that but I'm also sharing a need to rework that I've been doing on the penis. After looking at it and trying very hard to fix it i decided to go in basic off of a model that already had readjusting the model and adding it to my model this is how it looks I just have to find a way to move out the base of the torso and the groin. Once i have that i think we'll actually have a fully rendered fully erect penis model that looks good. Also, if this is not the right place on the groin just put a little green dot where it should be because I need all the help. I am not good with body proportions despite being an artist. Thank you so much for actually putting where the angus should be i can now adjust it and actually put it so it makes sense with the proper geometry of the body.
  2. Okay so soon I'm going to be posting some pictures I'm just finishing up I've been reworking the body model a bit more so make it more realistic after looking at some real models. Actually didn't get looks a bit more better especially the balls I'm just working on adding some texture to it now as they're too smooth in my personal opinion I don't really know how to do that directly but it's coming along nicely. I'm also working on more outfits refitting onto match the new body. It may not be some of the best work but it's my work and I'm okay with that because it will improve as time goes on I look forward to sharing you with you guys. Also the original one is back up which is really cool I posted in that one first. I'm actually really excited it's not fully polished but everything is lined up correctly now. I'm actually going to fix the neck a bit more in the back but I did want to release a beta so you guys could try it out now and just see how it looks I know it's a lot of improvements and that's terrified as I am a defeat back I need it so I can get better agent toll with me but truthfully y'all πŸ˜…
  3. Listen to me if I could get your help on this I would be immensely grateful I do not know how to proportion right I have so many different files being worked on. From me not only editing the bodies but trying to get them more correct which I have but I can't line up the angles correctly. I even have started editing tons of clothing to maximum the body type and even the hair, yes I have made edited hair textures for the male characters. Please if you have some free time and you want to look at all the stuff I have I will gladly send it to you I was looking for help but just someone being able to help me fix the bodies up so they looked decent and also trying to make the penis in blender is far more harder than I ever thought it would be so yes if you have any time or you want to help with this I have no problem putting your name with inscription of helping you if that's something you have time. I honestly have been looking at everything I've been doing and feeling uncomfortable with because you're right it does not look as good as the other professional modders stuff looks and I honestly need someone to look at everything to see if it even looks accurately correct.
  4. Very quick update, I've been working on just some of the clothing and everything the past couple of days to go with the new body mod I'm going to once again attempt to get the morphs correct today as well I have the clothing down pack I have the outline I have my shape keys and everything saved I'm just working on the arms the neck is purely fixed within the model I have shifted the testicles and the penis on the models as well. So here you for that I've been horribly sick the past two days I can do that catching strap throat and have been having a horrible time. But everything is coming along nicely and I'm including these pictures of one of the first spacesuits I edited.
  5. No worries I've been editing so I realized there is a big difference from when you're looking at a model from the front in the side especially when you're using pictures for references. So it's adjusting but it does look weird kind of still. But y'all I'm getting there 😌 unfortunately I have to go and redo all the skins again because I upgraded the skin texture but that's okay. I also started to work on more clothes for the reset of anybody and I think I almost got the morphs down completely. I just need to fine where to place the bodies for the morph originally I thought it was just a text to the main body file I don't think that's the case. But it's coming along good I'm going to be working on it when I get back home today I'm dedicating today to finishing up the main body stuff. On a unrelated note has anyone edited it the top part of the body armors and clothing and got no weird runaway texture? When you put it in the game I've been downloading the newest upgrade for the export add-on for blender but every time I try to use a new one it tells me an error when it comes to the smooth output which is not an option on a new one. I'm going to message the guy today to see if it's a known issue and if it's a fix for it so I can use the new one. Because in the change log for the program you can see that this is actually something that was fixed in the latest release but I can't use it 😭😭😭😀😀😀 Always something but we're getting there 😁
  6. Not at all thank you I've been waiting for feedback, that's why it's taking so long it's been uncanny valley for a while now. And it's weird because no matter how much i look at it something was off so most likely it's the placement which is easily fixed. Ask for the balls they did start out a lot smaller but I started looking at pictures off of the Internet of just how a lot of guys tend to hang and found that my were significantly smaller and kind of look like some of the other models and not you know the big professional models. The good news is I can change the positions as that's what I'm doing now I have everything lined up and move everything up and down. As well as readjust the balls which i really do want to do. But at this point it might be a while before this is released in any way. Hopefully someone releases one sooner that's properly right that everyone keeps asking for so it's like more professionally done and not my amateur to the this point I'm not even sure if people will really use it.
  7. So, I've been working on the non-erect version of the penis for quite a couple of days now and I can tell you that it's been a bit rough, but I have found out how to do the textures correctly which I'm actually enjoying. So, mine has a lot of realistic lines and texturesπŸ˜ͺ 😭, I want to be adding those textures to the erect version now. Draspian I'm going to add bones and jiggle physics not only to the body but also to the penis as well. So fingers crossed that that will workout correctly I’m watching tutorials on how to do it and it looks pretty easy i just hope it doesn't mess up the model. Rob I hope this looks like something that you had in mind when you was talking about the non-erect version. So outside of the nightmare texture that is the soft version of the penis I was able to make a very realistic butthole and cavity for it in the body. I'm going to work on adding bones to certain parts of the body filter movable and jiggle as well. If i can add one to the penises someone will just have to animate them eventually.
  8. Darn it Draspian, I'm supposed to be doing my homework right now but I just had a great idea but I would have to talk to the creator of that mod to see if they would be OK with it. So the base model that doesn't have the penis at all could be edited slightly so it fits perfectly with his penis mod. This would be a lot more easier because then I could just focus on the rest of the body morph situation especially since it's already a lot more detailed and way better functioning than my original model penises. I'll still release mine but a base model that would just be compatible with his would be just like any of the other male skyrim mods. And I would feel more comfortable at least then because it would be a fully working penis that would go with it. Does it change with the skin tones or does it just have one skin tone for now because I'm still working on trying to get the body morphs correct so you can edit the body it works well in blender but it doesn't work when you put it into the actual game. What does everyone think would that be a temporary solution edit the main body so when the beta comes out you can use it along with his and it's fully nude form?? ---------------------------- After downloading it and trying to install it for some weird reason it's not showing up and I use the command I'm not sure what's going on I did read on the form that the original tutorial was posted on that sometimes it doesn't work so hopefully it will work in a bit and I can see how it looks but for now I'm gonna finish working on the models that I have I'm making the soft version of it now is just taking a little work by knowing how to actually smooth out textures. Maybe one day I can maybe collab with the mod creator. They are far more advanced than I am though so they may say noπŸ˜ͺ
  9. I'm working on that on the side, its going okay kinda 😭
  10. OK so update I have started editing some of the clothing I think I'm doing pretty good on them here's some pictures. The shirt is giving me one problem I have a loose vertex point and I cannot find it within blender for some weird reasons even when deleting the loose ones create hopefully i will find it goes actually and the first full outfit will be done. (The texture of this outfit pants are leather so this was a great opportunity to experiment to see how the textures would lookπŸ˜‹πŸ‘) This it's something I'm very happy with because I have quite a few outfits that I want to make match the new body model.
  11. I spent quite a bit of time working on my penis model πŸ˜ͺ, especially after seeing how come the other ones look. So I came up with this one it's far better than the first one I'll probably add more detail into it later on today but I've been up all night just trying to get a rough outline for a better version. (the balls needs work) It's coming along, afternoon on the actual body model close I do have to recolor the skin tones as the original base skin I have is not updated to have the outline or the color changes for the penis. But it will be updated I also have to work on the morphs.
  12. The thing is I do actually have a greedy model that was made by a professional. I paid for it and everything I'm invested in making sure it just goes good but every time I would try to combine the models it would give an error when I would export it into a mesh for the gameπŸ™ƒ. Right now I'm still trying to get the shape keys to work the morph the clothes so at least there's outfits that fit the body type Right now I have the white briefs model done, the black jockstrap done in the fully nude version done. I want to release the beta here but it's not perfect and I still can't get the morphs to work correctly yet even though I understand the foul type. I just want to release it so everyone can get their grubby hands on it and start editing and fixing stuff so we get better ones. Being a amateur sucks so I'm learning a lot so that's a plus I just wish I had better skills so we can get a decent mod
  13. Okay so I am doing homework right now but I am trying to get the morphs to work I kind of got it a little bit earlier but it did not look right at all. So I'm going to be working on the most tomorrow maybe late into the night if I stay up I am sleepy. But I found decent amount of work done today I also rework the penis model so it's actually sized correctly and doesn't look like an upside down πŸ„. If I can get the morphs to actually work correctly as they look within blender in the game I think it would be really good. I do want to release the betas sometimes this week I have to work on the arms and slightly still try to flatten out the neck but do you want people to be able to try them and see how they are and give me proper feedback. Also we're still in the clothes this week as well I have all of the models so far that I want within the clothing folder for refits to the current body that I have so fingers crossed that that will work out right I have some sexy outfits planned.
  14. Okay so I'm very proud to say even though it looks like crap that I was finally able to get it to go into the game😁 Even though I have to sculpt it myself which is why it looks the way it does but it will be improved as time goes on. So it is doable you just have to edit it from the basic model which was a lot to learn within an hour but I did and I am so happy. (I know it's weird y'all I'm trying it's taking a lot of work for me to do this so far but I'm learning a lot which is one of the best things. I think after watching some more tutorials I should be able to edit it so it actually looks more realistic and not so much like something from a manga.😭)
  15. Honestly after all the work I did today I kind of don't want to go. I'm really proud of this I want from you not even a beginner but an amateur to doing this within blend from the basic model. I'm going to share this hopefully this does not get taken down I will try not to spam too many pictures if that's what got it taken down before. I am so sorry if you had stuff on that form and I got it closes down. The body iS more masculine and more muscular than before but I am so happy with the way it came out. Now I just have to get the morphs correct the skins are all done I think the body is as good as I'm going to get as of right now. Let me know what you think of the screenshots. If any admin does see this and I do end up breaking any type of rules on the form please let me know. I do want to finish posting stuff about this project. But I also want to follow the rules so if I'm breaking any type of rules and anyone notices please let me know and I'll fix my posts.
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