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  1. no ccbgsfo4019-chinesestealtharmor? I swear I saw someone did the refit of cc chinese stealth armor on here.
  2. this hasn't been updated to work with Atomic Muscle 2.00+
  3. I like this particular outfit from Vault-Tec Outfits by Elianora, Would love to see the AM2 support. I know it's not skimpy, but they look so good. I hope someone would do it a favor
  4. that's good to know. I stick to the SE since I don't wanna mess up my load order. It took three and a half months to finally get a stable gameplay.
  5. too bad, I like some of the nuka colas that come from the addon as they give better buffs.
  6. It's just Bethesda cash grabbing tactic to buy AE, can be safely ignored.
  7. could you please fix the brotherhood lancer outfit? it shows a messed-up white texture on both arms.
  8. this is not a special edition compatible as the esp is still in form 43!
  9. this outfit made my game crash when trying to craft it on workbench. even adding with console and putting it on still crashed. buffout said something like this E:\Repos\f4se\Buffout4\src\Warnings\CreateTexture2DWarning.cpp(60): [critical] A call to ID3D11Device::CreateTexture2D failed with error code 0x80070057. This will crash the game.
  10. I didn't see any slider in Body - Advanced option. Did I do wrong? I thought I've installed all requirements.
  11. I converted Arias, a follower from Skyrim LE to Special Edition and the author was kind enough to give me permission. I changed his body meshes and textures so that he could fit with SAM Light. You can find him in Sleeping Giant Inn. Let me know if you run any trouble. Arias - Standalone Follower-96137-1-1-1549539567.7z
  12. Greetings. I've tried this tutorial and the refit looked fine but when my character ran, the pants started clipping on the butt. What shall I do?
  13. Does the Damocles pants fix work with SAM race menu morph samson and samuel sliders? My character's body was reverted back when I put the pants on
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