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  1. I can't see the first couple of pictures, but I'm guessing you are using SAM Morphs for Racemenu to set your character's body textures? And when you equip these armors, your character's body textures are reverting back to the base texture rather than applying the textures you chose? Well, SAM Morphs for Racemenu requires that the body parts are named properly, otherwise the texture swapping from this mod cannot work. For example, in your cuirass I can see the body is named SAMBody_outfit. It must be changed to just SAMBody. This is the same problem with the barbarian armor you have linked. The body is not named SAMBody so it will have the same issue. It will be common to find outfits like this since not everyone uses this mod and is aware of that limitation. But it's easy to fix it for yourself. If you have your project saved in outfit studio, I recommend to open it and rename it from there, and then re-export the files. You cannot only change the name in Nifskope or the .tri file will not work properly anymore. And change back the texture paths to how they were originally
  2. if you can you post the _1.nif and _0.nif and .tri file it will be easier to look and see what's going on.
  3. SAM Light does not have this function. Your options are to use one of the SAM-SOS patches to regain that functionality or you can use the equippable "SOS - Schlong Controller" from this mod which allows you to do it with SAM (it's made for LE, it works fine for SE.)
  4. did you install the requirements? particularly UI extensions?
  5. I'm sorry. It is difficult to understand this. All I can do is provide an example. An example of a vanilla armor which uses texture sets is the guard armor. All guards are using the stormcloak armor mesh. Different colors come from texture sets. 1 set of meshes only, many different colors. In the vanilla armor, Body is in 1st slot, Clothes are in 2nd slot. If this is not the same after refit, all guards will wear blue armor. before refit: after refit: = armor will be different colors for different types of guards (whiterun guards will wear yellow, riften guards will wear purple, etc) if you mess up the order: = all guards will wear blue armor because position is wrong. You can change the order in outfit studio. It is the same way with mods. If for some reason you can't keep the positions then you need to edit the texture set in the mod esp.
  6. as far as refitting a mod which is using texture sets, then as long as all shapes remain in the same positions after the refit, texture sets should be functioning without any additional work if you're asking how to create a mod which uses texture sets or how to add texture sets to an existing mod, that is outside of the scope for my guide. There's many tutorials for that already. I found one easily here: https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Using_Texture_sets_for_Skyrim
  7. The issue is with the original armor. There are too many nistringextradata and also the paths are incorrect. This is an oversight by the mod's author. Some general rules of thumb: - If an armor is not morphing with Samson and Samuel sliders, then open the nifs and check the nistringextradata. -Normally there should only be ONE nistringextradata on a mesh which ends with a .tri file (other ones are fine) -This path needs to be correct. If the path is incorrect in any way, then the outfit will not morph The problem: The meshes have two nistringextradata each and both have an incorrect path. The proper path is here. As you can see, armor should be replaced with hiromaxi This leads to the morphs not working: The solution: You can solve it in nifskope or you can solve it in outfitstudio. I'll explain how to solve it in nifskope. 1. Open the _0 nif. Find these nistringextradata and delete one of them. 2. Edit the other one, replace armor with hiromaxi 3. Save. Repeat with _1.nif. Now the morphs are working: Many pieces of this mod has this issue. I looked briefly and the shoes, the belt, etc also has the same problem and needs to be fixed the same way.
  8. If you share the meshes and .tri file I can take a look.
  9. it depends on what method the mod is using to provide different color options. sometimes there is only one mesh and then they use texture sets, or other times they give each color its own mesh. regardless of if there is one mesh or multiple meshes, the method to refit is the same as any other. if it's morphing in bodyslide/outfit studio but not morphing in the game, there is probably an error in either the saving or building process. repeat the steps and follow carefully
  10. meshes>actors>character>character assets>skeleton.nif I don't know. These files will use whichever textures you have installed - so the issue is related to your own textures that you are using. It looks like a problem with the specular map but I can't know specifically what it is. If you don't see this problem with nude males in the game, then it should be fine to ignore this and continue (assuming all textures used are for SAM Light)
  11. Hello, In addition to this, in SSEEDit, navigate to the "Armor Addon" section and find the robe. Add the calves and forearms to this section as such: Leave the "Armor" section the way you have it now, with only the Body. This will fix your issue.
  12. this is a common issue where some outfits are using the forearms and calves slots (which hides those parts) and it becomes apparent after entering the game In outfit studio you would select the parts of the outfit in the meshes tab and move over to the partitions tab and remove forearms and calves, hit apply, repeat for however many parts the outfit has (ignore the SAMBody, it's allowed to keep these slots). Then resave and regenerate the files from this project To fix the mod esp, you can open it in TES5EDIT/SSEEDIT and find the entry for the outfit you worked on under the Armor section, and make sure only slot 32 is being used.
  13. it's from aether suite ๐Ÿ˜„ the room is found at the "Red Robin"
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