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  1. You can edit the texture, but if the mesh does not have NiAlphaProperty it won't work. This is the same thing the author of that mod has done. They erased the texture and added NiAlphaProperty to the mesh. That's why even though they called it a "Retexture," the capeless download also has meshes in there. The vanilla mesh (and therefore the refitted mesh) probably doesnt have the nialphaproperty because it doesnt need it. If you want to do it too, just find your SAM meshes torso_0.nif and torso_1.nif and add NiAlphaProperty to both (right click NiTriShape > block > insert > NiAlphaProperty). Then use only the texture from the mod.
  2. Hello, In addition to this, in SSEEDit, navigate to the "Armor Addon" section and find the robe. Add the calves and forearms to this section as such: Leave the "Armor" section the way you have it now, with only the Body. This will fix your issue.
  3. this is a common issue where some outfits are using the forearms and calves slots (which hides those parts) and it becomes apparent after entering the game In outfit studio you would select the parts of the outfit in the meshes tab and move over to the partitions tab and remove forearms and calves, hit apply, repeat for however many parts the outfit has (ignore the SAMBody, it's allowed to keep these slots). Then resave and regenerate the files from this project To fix the mod esp, you can open it in TES5EDIT/SSEEDIT and find the entry for the outfit you worked on under the Armor section, and make sure only slot 32 is being used.
  4. does it happen on a new save? if not, then try cleaning the save with resaver or something similar
  5. It certainly doesn't look like the result of what following the tutorial should get you πŸ˜… Keep in mind that the end purpose of the Himbo to SAM Conversion file is not to actually make a Himbo outfit work with SAM, it's just to give the outfit a shape closer to SAM so that you can do the refit with fewer adjustments. You still have to follow the entire refit guide. As a rule of thumb for following any guide, if something doesn't look right, you shouldn't just ignore it and skip those steps. You have to go back through the steps and figure out what you missed πŸ˜‰ The proper way to use that himbo file is to load it in outfit studio, set the himbo conversion as reference, add in the _0.nif from the outfit you have, select all its parts (except body parts, you would delete those as they're unnecessary), and press "conform" After you conform, you have to click that pencil icon next to the slider and then File > Export to NIF. Now you follow the refitting guide from the start, using this new .nif as your starting file. The conversion is just giving you a better shape to start working with. The only difference is that since the himbo conversion uses the 0 weight files, you'll need to do the refit using the optional weight 0 to 1 slider sets from the download in the refitting tutorial
  6. it's from aether suite πŸ˜„ the room is found at the "Red Robin"
  7. Ahh, okay. I believe that's correct. And it might be your best option - I wouldn't hold my breath for someone to port gay animations to those other systems. πŸ˜… As far as I know, there's no conflict between the three mods
  8. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but if you want the M2M animations why not just install them? There is an SE version in the download options from what I can see
  9. i haven't played it in a while so I don't remember the specifics but that second style of armor is not available at the start of the game. You have to play a while before it starts to appear or can be able to make it
  10. The required files are found at the top of the first post under "Requirements." You need to add these files to your BodySlide folder. Alternatively you can download them here:
  11. SAM Light uses slot 32 for genitals by default. Mods like this are using slot 52. Since the slot is not competing with the genitals, they won't be hidden when it's equipped. You can try this which you can install over SAM Light to use Slot 52 genitals. It's practically a requirement for using these types of underwear accessory mods in SE without clipping.
  12. While it's good that you have set the directory in outfit studio, that would not help here since this is nifskope. You have to set the directory in nifskope too if you want to see any textures. You can set the directory in nifskope by going to options > resources> and adding in the path to your skyrim/data folder. it's probably not. i'm not familiar with immersive armors but this outfit you have opened is clearly for females. Unless you are planning to convert this female armor for males then you should look for the mesh which contains the male version of the armor
  13. Hello. Sorry for the late response. I should have realized it's not really obvious how to rename things in nifskope To rename it you'll just need to select it and look in the "Block Details" window, then find the little "Txt" and click it. After that, a small window will appear and you can type in SAMBody (dont include the brackets and numbers, just SAMBody.) Make sure capitalization is the same as I have written. Repeat with the Trousers, renaming to "Trousers.001." And follow all these steps again in the other .nif. (Underwear_1.nif and Underwear_0.nif) After that, remember to replace the .tri file with the one i posted previously
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