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  1. Errol


    Awesome looking Orcs, what body textures are you using and is this SSE or LE?
    wonderful, thank you for the mod! i could not get it to work properly but i had some help from a friend
    You have done it again @Ulfberth you have done an amazing job with this refit. Thank You so much!!! expect screenshots ❤️
    I love this outfit so much, i'm glad that there is a refit for it. Thank you so much @Ulfberth ❤️
    as always @Ulfberth giving us some amazing refits. wonderful just wonderful, finally i can equip some cool piercings. Kudos.💖
    Finally the men of the Commonwealth ca have some pubic hair. Makes the game more immersive hehehe. Aweseome work @Ulfberth always delivering great content to this community. ❤️❤️❤️
    Wonderful just wonderful. This is the closest as we will ever get to having a SAM like body for Fallout 4, definitely a must have if you want your men to look beefy or muscular. I am in love with the mod Thank You! so much @Ulfberth for taking your time and giving the male loving community a huge gift ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Awesome shot. May I ask what armour and weapon mod that is?
  3. I am trying to, i ran the mod through the NIF Optimizer and it should work since its just meshes right, however apparently there is supposed to be an esp file or esm and yet when i activate the mod in my MO2 i don't see either. Have you had any luck?
  4. Does anyone know how to covert this mod into SSE?
  5. Has SAM Light been updated? and can i use HDT Physics for SAM 1.5 with this latest version of SAM Light?
  6. Nothing crazy just your standard Male pose ? And yes i did forget my survival stats....just ignore them.
  7. My jaw has dropped. Love the outfit and the sexy man. Edit: I forgot to ask when I was typing the original comment but what tattoo mod are you using? And well is it compatible with BodyTalk?
  8. May I ask what outfits are those? They are looking hot as hell ?❤️?
  9. I forgot to add the rest of the shoot.
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