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  1. Just wanted to add a quick update, I did make a ton of progress on adding the anus setup into the mesh as well as collision xml's but its not yet complete or really functional up to part with what it should be, after some more rounds it will be ready to share, but I have been thrown for a loop around here with life stuff so ive been away and super busy, I do fully intend to complete it though & share it here since it would be a waste to not. I also installed fallout 4 recently to potentially do some modding over that side, and tested atomic male from here, which itself has working anus, though a bit different since they do not yet have the amazing Bullet Physics SMP for fallout, (there is a repository started for it but something with the skinning is so drastically different it was abandonded last I checked). Anyhow, I didnt want to leave things hanging here it was bothering me so I will come back and post when I have a beta to share for testing, also I started a new schlong with morphs to get all the styles from one master schlong lol. Ok, ill stop rambling, I hope you all are safe and well and having fun modding! Oh I almost forgot to mention there are new functions and an addon for HDT SMP which resolves the oddities with penis collisions and makes more features possible too, thru runtime functions added to swap XML configs on the fly based on various conditions, its brilliant! I do intend to work that into the new design as an optional for sure.
  2. Just wanted to report in on my progress, things are going well, I keep learning more and its improving great. Progress & Plans HDT Anus - I have it mostly working now in the highpoly body, its been a learning curve to gather important info & tinker, but its working so far! 🀣 Currently im refining the anus build in iterations for (mesh, weights and the smp xml files) until its good enough for a 1st release. I had to approximate to how vagina's are done, as the only two example anus for skyrim could find were only for females, and for animations only, not hdt. Copying the vaginas bone layout using built in XP32 anus bones instead, & three collision proxy mesh for anus zone, I was able to do a similar layout to hdt vaginas. It opens up for the schlongs & shifts with the shaft so to speak HDT Genitals - Now there is a separate collision proxy mesh for the balls too, so they flop really nicely now, especially during sex, hitting the penis bouncing off other balls and ass nicely. In a future test I may split balls collision mesh once more, so the two can cadywomple semi-independently, if thats a term? And only if it looks nice. lol Penis colision reaction - I tried adding collision effects in reverse to the penis as well, but with SMP there is an issue (perhaps being fixed soon by a magickal gay c++ coder!) where a bone cannot have mass and be animated, so its either or, smp, or animations, that messes up SOS animations, so no boners if you go all the way making the penis full smp. I did try the closest you can get is to have zero mass on the first two penis bones, and it works, tho you end up with an ever so slightly shlumpy penis, still erections do work, & the boner level hotkeys, & sos anims all work, with this when jacking off or penetrating anus it does react quite well to ass and hands etc. I wont include this until the aforementioned SMP bug is fixed, because then, the animations will work perfect, and can be floppy & firm when needed in a much easier way. If SMP bug is not fixed, perhaps we could make a script to just swap schlong xml to a non hdt for the penis area during SOS erections, but keeping the balls hdt of course, then back to full floppy dong when not aroused. VirtualHead - Added so the mouth goes around penis, need to test to see whats possible with that still... Racemenu Sliders Addon - Maybe I will make a new SAM racemenu slider addon, to include some anus sliders for custom anus appearance/position along with the other sliders? πŸ€” Or I can add them to the SOS racemenu slider set. That or Kou can add them to his next update if he would like to, or we can just leave puckered anus as default, to only be moved by fingers, hands, tongue toys, etc. Slider for SCHLONG UVs - Add back old LE style ability to switch SCHLONG UV in the dongs, so you can use this mod with SAM-light textures, or with higher-res independent schlong textures. Tweaked SAM-Light textures - taking into account the new added anus which needed some new UV tweaks I added to that area. FOMOD - I started one which includes SOS base, or Obody base, or Autobody base, and for other options/choices, rather than one size fits all. Should make for easy install, no need to delete things or rename anything etc. I may just abandon SOS completely, its not needed anymore when you have Obody or Autobody setups, & they're superior in many ways! Schlong eps - I can report now long term testing with schlong eps flagged as esl (to save load order spots), and no bugs for me so far. HIIMBO - Once I get the SAM-SOS anus and dongs done, I will make a version for HIMBO-SOS builds too.
  3. Info Update I have been working & testing the new version of this, still more refinements to go, but the SAM HDT Anus is progressing nicely. I hope to have something soon to upload for testing. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Info Update Ive been spending a lot of time investigating and learning HDT its XML files, the way collision shapes are added, as well as animations, and even the anus mesh lol, I have more to go but things are progressing nicely. I still need to test a ton and tweak but the next update here will include the following. Update to the muscular schlong's mesh shape, I think I made it a bit too muscular and texture stretched too much, so thats fixed I will add some new updated xml for collisions including a schlong xml, and new copy of each schlong mesh which now include a new vertualPenis (simplified collision mesh). Beyond that update I will keep working on getting functional HDT Anus & Throat into the SAM & HIMBO HDT body meshes, and more floppyness for the schlongs when flaccid. Im investigating the sheathing schlongs from Bad Dog Hoodies, I think doing it a different way may be possible thats simpler by animating, rather than 4 mesh swap per peen like he has. Then to continue my learning, i intend to make a new pack of animations for M4M acts, to start, simply by realigning/remastering freely available M4F animations in blender, and package them up for Osex with M4M flag.
  5. I mean for Skyrim LE, you can just download the original SAM mod here on VP, its for LE and has all the features, im unsure of the way to do HDT on that version, but im certain its been done and instructions are there on its page or here somewhere. The two mods my mod here patches are made for Skryim SE SAM light, combined with SOS, but I guess you can use SAM light on LE too, im just unsure of whats different there, for one, this is based on SOS with SAM mesh, also my meshes are made for SE and wont work in LE. Yeah, im sure someone has done HDT already for SAM LE, has to be, I remember having it back then. I bet somewhere in SAM mod page comments they say, or elsewhere on the site here. I cant recall where right now, but if I find it ill post. SAM LE has different scripts and ways to distribute schlongs, different then SOS which this mod here is based on, with these we are just replacing meshes with SAM meshes to use SOS api & scripts. Ok New version uploaded πŸ˜ƒ Redid Muscular Schlong to be High Poly like the other two types are. Redid all Shlongs one last time to make sure everything would be most compatible with SAM morphs etcetera. Reverted UV tweaks to old SAM light structure, for those using SAM Light Texture setup that contains schlong in the body texture, helps to reduce pubic hair stretching as best can be with those textures. NOTE: I will make different version of this mod for those who use separate textures for schlongs like in LE SAM/SOS did. Im investigating the SOS scripts now to test and see if the schlong esp's can be marked as esl so they dont take up load order. I got it to work, needs to be a new game as far as I can tell, even if the files have different names, I will test some more and upload those new esp's as an optional download, have as many schlongs as ya want they wont count against your basic load order limit. I think I will bring in the other ones I find that can be shared here. The esp's are nice because the SOS api can auto distribute them to NPC's, we can limit certain ones by race as well, khajiit & argonian should have their own unique appendage mesh probably.
  6. Shouldnt be needed really, you can just use SAM original mod and do HDT installation per instructions. This mod is about using SOS api, MCM, scripts and all with SAM body, but SAM mod for LE already has all those things and more tailored for it too. There might be some merging where two shapes collide, like balls do in real life lols... but the balls shouldnt fly all the way through the schlong & ignore all collisions like they were doing before. On the other question, I left the main schlong xml code as Kou originally did it, so it would be firm enough to do animations, that said, I am keen to write a script to detect erection state, and with that swap configs between really floppy when flacid, and firm when erect, thats going to take more investigation though. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've got a new update almost done, with two things. Hope to upload today sometime. I tweaked xml file to use the more subtle realistic weights so the jiggle looks a lot nicer IMO, this also helps with ass deforming underwears at the back top area. I adjusted UV on all the schlongs to make the public hair less blurry where they meet the body. Its about as good as it can get with using schlong texture on body method, later I think i may release a different version that has schlongs with independent textures, like it was traditionally in SAM & SOS. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So after testing & discussing with others, I found the uv could only do so much to fix the public hairs texture mismatch, so I will go ahead and start the move to take schlong from body texture to put in its own file, like used to be on SAM & SOS setups for LE. Maybe later we can do some pubic hairs using racemenu overlay system as SavrenX suggested, or even perhaps a bit of mesh for the hairs, so the alphas are not all flat over the skin, basically like head hair is made lol. Personally I like light hair so im not too worried about this part, especially since we can get a nice look from the base texture alone, but I will investigate this area more for sure. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok so I just noticed the muscular schlong is not using high-poly conversion, oops, so what I will do is remake the three schlong types from Kou's high poly base which already has as perfect uv's as are possible with sam-light textures method. Once thats done, I will leave this mod as cocks update for those who want sam-light schlong on texture setup, then Ill create a separate mod which is more like SAM/SOS classic schlong method, using separate textures for schlongs, that way theres more options.
  7. Ok I added the HDT capable underwear so the ass cheeks dont clip thru anymore & instead animate with them, even with all the SAM morphs. Its odd because these underwear go on slot 52 so it doesnt hide skin under it automatically. Next I will try and see if UV tweaks can improve the differences between body texture and schlong texture, if that doesnt improve it enough, I will revert things back to having an independent texture for schlongs like in SkyrimLE SAM & SOS did. Im beginning to think I should have moved the other SOS stuff into this mod, so people dont need to get the older mod and delete files, all those steps could go away completely. if I did it similar to how Kija did for her SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light SE - Continuation mod. Sound like a good idea? Also, i am going to dd a FOMOD, so I can add two new versions with 3d pubic hair, since those are attached to schlongs. All schlongs with 3d public hair, Include all of both types together so the game will distribute a mix of shaved & 3d public hair options Lastly the original without any 3d public hair.
    Love it! More variation is always a welcome thing. Tip, if you combine this mod with SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod the you can push it even farther. So you could have a super ripped muscle toned skinny guy by having body weight at 100 but then sliding Samson/Samuel to negative values, or you can have undefined/smooth big chubby or muscular guys etcetera, etcetera.
  8. Its all good, your reports on the issues was very helpful for me, and once I figured out how to use bodyslide proper its moving along nicely. I got the muscular one fully fixed now, the tri files are working well for all of them, the foreskin can be hidden or revealed now too on the ones that have foreskin. Its taking me a little extra time to do the missing Smurf schlong though it should be done soon, then ill upload the new version of the mod. I tried adding physics to the underwear, but it was a hot mess lol... I will leave that for later since really wearing the underwear is kinda pointless, if someone wants underwear on sam body they can do sam light nevernude, and just not install SOS at all, still I will sort the undies out later for completeness though. Ive uploaded the updated version now, so all the schlongs will now work with the SAM body morphs provided by SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod. Lots more to refine things better, but its definitely much better now, thanks again for providing your issues here so I could fix them.
  9. Thanks so much for this guide! Coming from blender3d it was frustrating learning bodyslide & not knowing the things needed, there's tons of stuff about it out on the net, but this being tailored for SAM guys was just what I needed to convert schlongs for SAM and make tri morph files I needed. The same process is obviously useful for doing SAM refits as well as HIMBO & tons of other stuff. Cheers to OP & others who shared tips here!
  10. I figured it out! Thanks so much for reporting that. It must have been because you use SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod? I just tested it, and indeed, if using Samson/Samuel sliders then thats when the gap appears. The other issue is not being able to hide the foreskin, and both issues are related to me needing to use bodyslide to proper fit the schlong and create the tri morph for the sliders, all of which I had no idea how to do. Anyhow, I got it to work now with those sliders in game, and with no gaps, I want to redo it one more time though, since that was my first time doing such a thing with bodyslide, and the pubic hair area texture is stretching a bit too much for my taste. I will do another iteration package it up and upload, and make changes to the description here asap. Ok so for the 1.0.1 version of this mod thats up now, the muscular schlong is fine with body size 0 to 100, but doesnt support the Samson/Samuel sliders with SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod, or there will be a noticeable gap, ill upload 1.0.2 this morning some time.
  11. You shouldnt need to disable anything in the MCM, since these new schlong esp's have unique names to those in the older mod, so SOS will automatically restart itself and reset schlongs as soon as you start a game. It is important to delete, or at least disable/hide the other mods older schlong esp's so you dont end up with way too many schlongs, and those others call a separate xml file, which I think was making some conflicts. Can you explain what steps you took to get the gap with the Muscular schlong? Here is mine in both 0 and 100 body size. There's no gap the whole way from 0 to 100 for me. Thanks for sharing, it will help me investigate the potential cause.
  12. Well thats your problem. CBPC is a different mod than HDT-SMP, there is another floppy schlong mod here made for that mod though. This one here and the mods it patches are not made for CBPC, but it may be changable, if you want to try, seems like the other floppy schlong mod did so already. I tested that, but do not like CBPC, it seems overkill and not as useful as HDT-SMP for my taste. If you use HDT-SMP at the same time as CBPC, it requires a blank defaultBBPs.xml to disable HDT-SMP, which will remove everything my mod does lol, & they can conflict still, causing physics issues, like twitching body parts and such. Here is the link to that mod if you're a CBPC user.
  13. Very nice Savren! You did a wonderful job, he actually looks like one of my ex boyfriends that was half black and half puerto rican. Yummy! πŸ’š One question on your remarks. I have had this same problem building mods and it stumped me so I shelved that project until a solution can be found. πŸ₯Ί What can we do? Do they need their own schlongs nifs if they have a custom body texture? Or can we rectify this with an esp to change texuture path of schlong for that npc or race only?
  14. Thats odd, I cant get them to clip like that, its the whole reason I made this lol. Do you have 60fps? Are you using the newer Faster HDT-SMP dll? Did you make sure to hide its defaultBBPs.xml if you installed the config files from its fomod? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/57339 Ill see if I can find a copy of the olde HDT-SMP to test with, the newer one I linked above is highly recommended by most to use that as its much faster. Especially, if player & npc's have hairs, capes, clothing all HDT it can lag your system without the new changes they've brought in. EDIT: I just tested with an older version of HDT-SMP and everything still worked fine for me, no clipping, so thats not the issue. Must be something else in your setup causing issues. Which of the SavrenX Schlong of SAM linked in description are you using? The newer one or older?
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