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  1. How hard or easy would it be? I looked at the xEdit script and it appears that there seems to be only one section where you are changing the values, specifically OldFormID := 79688; NewFormID := 211096; OldFormID_2 := 79686; NewFormID_2 := 211097; I'm assuming the OldFormID and OldFormID_2 values would need to change in order for it to work. I could be wrong though.
  2. I just tried to use this on my Sam Light Character on Enderal SE but the textures didn't appear
  3. I tested the Chaurus Mashup mod. On further testing I noticed it is not working for the Arazeal and Qyran races. I used the xEdit script for SAM compatibility mod found here and it doesn't seem to be working though
  4. I downloaded a couple of outfits to try in Enderal but nothing appears when I attempt to put it on. Is there something missing or do I need to update certain files?
  5. What loincloth mod is that one?
  6. You can smith it or add it via the console
  7. No problems. For now I will use the glove files from the other K-9 mod as a temporary fix.
  8. Awesome mod! However I am getting just one issue. It appears I am getting a seam on the right arm
  9. Ok that fixed it, but now it's taken a hit on my fps.
  10. There is only one version of RUMP available from the original site.
  11. Not sure if it's the main mod file but it appears I get the glitchy underwear texture when attempting to go naked. Is there a setting that needs to be changed and/or a file that must be removed?
  12. I just noticed that the left bracers are clipping for any Samson or Samuel value other than 0. Can this be fixed?
  13. Not sure if it's an issue on my end but the textures of the Body Armor and the Body Armor and cape seem to be going in all different directions. Did a clean reinstall and the same thing happens. All other armor pieces are fine though.
  14. So just to confirm only SOS Light is needed or do you just drag the esm file?
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