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  1. Following up on my earlier comment, there's also a clipping issue in that the schlong clips through the cloth at the very lower edge.
  2. If I may, I'd like to alter the length of the cloth to accommodate my, erm..., well-endowed toons. Blender doesn't seem to support nif and tri files any more, so what would be the best way to go about it?
  3. I can't access the files in NifSkope for some odd reason. EDIT: I know why now, they're in BSA format.
  4. How will I know which version I should get? And is this compatible with SAM? Because these shots have got to be a different body mod.
  5. Can you show me how that's done? The screencap below is what I'm currently seeing...
  6. Disclaimer: Screenshot included solely for reference, and I do NOT claim any ownership of the image. So, I was wondering if this is possible. To create a SAM-compatible armor mod that supports the many styles of the Roman Gladiators (think of the Spartacus series). A few thoughts I had on how to go about this: - the harnesses can be different styles (i.e. bulldog, X, etc.), or incorporate all of them and make each style of harness and respective material individually craftable. - arm, leg, and head equipment pieces can be left as they are, if so desired - the loincloth could be traditional brief-like or along the lines of the Forsworn Loincloth Refit and Barbarian Loincloths (who doesn't like freeballin). As a personal touch, methinks in the case of loincloths that they be just enough to cover the genitals, showing the v-taper and the legs. - themed material usage w/ appropriate material requirements (leather, glass, ebony, dragonscale, etc.) - crafting perk requirements (seems odd to make a dragonplate gladiator set with a low level in Smithing) Sadly, I have neither the coding skill nor the artistic talent to really put this into realization (I wish I did), but I can conceptualize. What do you guys think? Would it be doable?
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