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    I knew it !! Impeccable texture quality 😮 Unbelievably sexy
    The boy should go on to model for Skincream in Skyrim 😍
    Finally ! It's good to see you here . High Quality work as expected from you , the bulge shape is so sexy . Love the dudes
  1. Kaidan's pants textures are " baked " into his initial body mesh , which means you have no choice unless you replace his entire body mesh if you want him to be nude . In which case you also have to replace the scars / wounds which are related to his story plots .
    Another amazing conversion , as always . I was really sick of those silly skins mod on nexus where they simply slap the women skin on male body and call it " male textures " , they look like Oil Painting which is not a good look at all . Those " straight " people on nexus need to come on this site and look at what we can do with the male bodies ! This is an amazing addition to the Sam Light collection ( well not that we have many ... ) , it would work very well for the non-caucasian races be it the Nips , the armpit , the gradient . FLAWLESS . LOVE IT .
  2. It seems like more and more people are stealing the assets of Sam Light and uploading as their own mods on nexusmods and other places . For example , this person here INIGO REPLACER . His mod contains the full asset of Sam Lights in the fomod folders . I have reported them a few times , some are taken down . The others ? Not so much . SMMB is still out there but that is because it is still being hosted by the thief's very own website . Can anyone of you comrades and friends here take sometime and help reporting these people ? Doesn't seem like they give a dang about the hardwork of the author . p/s : thanks , the author has finally removed his files .
    The placement of the morphing nodes are very precise . You can easily tell this is a work of a refit masterpiece . You and Savrenx are some the best things that ever happened to our community , no amount of words can describe our appreciation 🙏
    Another flawless work . I have always had a problem with the UV map for Sam Light , particular they really don't work very well with less masculine morphs . We got a lot of Bara fans here , so these UV map would have to be really " stretched " around the Belly area / larger body for them to look pretty good . Now the problem is , if you just want to make a toned guy with 6 packs , not an uber body builder on steroid the result is not very convincing . The previous version of Sam Maps , the muscle lines are too defined . The moment you rotate camera angle , it lost the illusion of 3D , no depth Look at this UV map , I like the adjustment you did ! The ABs muscles are a little softer , it looks much more natural on the BILF mesh . Subtle but result is much better . The abs and ribcage area are also connected seamlessly , far more suitable for non bear & bara body ! Seriously , kudo to you
  3. I eventually go the painful way , learning to customize and sculp the body mesh and sliders for my own preference . I love S.A.M , it inspires me to create a whole new world in the game . I know there are a few person creating their own mesh and shapes but i don't think they are sharing ... And of course , you have the uber talented Kou & Savrenx who are basically the Beacon of our community Check out the recent BILF slider from Savrenx too , it is CRAZY good !
  4. Anyone around that is worth something should remember you bro . How can we not ? Till this day I am still using some of your body textures and they still look great in 2022 p/s : just saw that you took down your mod , what happens ?
    Honestly , idk wtf is wrong with this author . Seriously I have read countless replies from users who are asking question in a very polite manner . When you could have replied with a simple " NO " , all of them end up getting slammed by a moronic reply. Including Savrenx , who is basically the Beacon of our community . He reported several bugs / glitches , just to end up getting a really rude answer of dismissal . When you did such a good job , people are obviously going to ask . If they are asking , it doesn't mean they are feeling entitled to anything . Instead of a simple " NO " , it usually follows with a 3 verses of " MAKE IT YOURSELF " and tantrum . I have seen this dude melting down on so many people it is not funny , its on loverslab , on patreon , on everywhere he was on basically . There is a whole list of people who got verbally abused by him on reddit , dedicated to just mocking him . Yea I get it , people who made male content can sometimes get mocked at . While I feel sorry if you were mistreated by anyone , but You know how powerful word can hurt yet you choose to impose the same pain onto others , that is unforgivable 🤬 So , someone has been telling me how great these looks in game but they couldn't do it right . Out of curiosity I downloaded it . In just 30 minutes I have already found a few nifs with errors vertices and wrong path as well . Again I am not even going to be bothered to report it , uninstalled it right away . I took the files directly from TAL , refitted it myself . Feels very good . It took times yes but at least I don''t have to get pizzzed on just to report an error . The effort is there but the attitude is just disgusting What is the point of making all these great armors , packing all the big potentials and talent but acting like a completely total dbag to everyone ? Personally IDC if someone is having a mental break IRL , nobody deserve to get yelled at for just reporting bugs . I am just glad I actually have learnt to refit things by myself . As for the rest of you , just subscribe to Savrenx's patreon as he does a FAR superior job refitting some of the bdor armors . And most importantly , he is an much nicer person .
  5. I know you didn't create them from scraps , my comment was not directed at you , it was to the people who are browsing or looking around . And as I have mentioned , the effort is admirable . Any attempt to port , move , modify , create anything for the male community is something to be admired , so yes I think you did something good for the community regardless of how insignificant you think it is Last time I check , getting constructive criticism is always a good thing . It means your mod is being downloaded and getting attention . I was NOT trolling , I have downloaded it , used it under 7 presets of ENB and they all look incredibly harsh until I max out the Bloom . I specifically mentioned , what and how it looks wrong . As for leaving comments , the original author of the mod has already left Skyrim for almost a decade , we had a whole different standard for Skyrim faces back then so can't really blame her/him for anything . Sorry if you think I sound unappreciative but I will not apologize again because first , I did no such thing . Second it was never in my intention , for me it is always about the quality of mods , just that .
  6. 10/10 for effort . However the actual results is not very ... ideal . Instead of looking like skin pores , it looks like dried out airbrushed paints and cakey make up foundation Not sure I would use it over my current set up , which is a combination of Dizona + Geonox 's map . I find theirs so much more natural looking . Higher resolution skin textures are tricky , because it isn't just about sharper details , it has to be manually adjusted . This is a classic example where skin textures are very " noisy " , very frizzly , overly sharpen .... Perhaps only suitable for ENB setting with extremely high blooms settings .
  7. Fantastic work as usual . I know how much work this is and we truly appreciate all of the work you have brought to our small community . Nexus site is filled with many trash male mods cheating for endorses , almost like nobody really care . For every one decent male mod , there's probably 50000 female counterparts out there . So it is always nice to see something great for the men in the world of modding . I have already been using my own modified ver of XMPSE sliders on Vanilla SAM all these while but there is something that ALWAYS bother me - the ABS . If you want to create a body shape with big muscles but smaller waist , it just doesn't work . With negative slide the ABS are always " going inside " . I have tried using the XMPSE sliders to increase the belly nodes but even then it does not look natural . This make certain poses with the char looks super awkward , like a leaking balloon ! I just checked this one out , it has good ratio on abs ! It is so good I can cry ! Can't wait to test my custom texture on it , thank you my friend no words can express my gratitude XOXO P/S : DAT ASS 😮
    I refit a lot of underwears , briefs and speedos in my entire time of modding Skyrim , probably spent over thousand of hours on them . Which is why I understand 1 thing , the simplest shape tend to be the most difficult to refit . Again , SavrenX's effort is exceptional . Look at how smooth the bulging area is given that they have limited vertices . This takes times , efforts , knowledges and most importantly , dedication . Always a pleasure to see talented modders in our relatively small community .
    Definitely need more than 10 slots in this case You sir , has done one of the finest texture conversion for Sam Light ( and the time spent to collect them ) . Great job and Kudos to you , keep it coming !
  8. First of all , thank you for the work . All of the outfits you have posted don't scale at all . Some of us are proficient enough to do it , but others ? not so . It is clipping , leaving gaps in the ankles and hands . Numerous of us have posted on the issues many timest . These outfit are nice but they can only be used properly on your own character . Not to mention typos , having a really hard time locating the piece after installing it because you left a space between letters accidentally .
  9. 穿了这件套装 ,挥动武器的时候, 那个手臂的饰物就扭曲了😐 The armlet is completely distorted when the character is moving / posing ...
  10. There is a lot of problems with this outfit . Sliders doesn't work , doesn't scale , doesn't interact with the schlong be it from SOS or Sam . End up only using the foot and arm pieces .
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