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  1. See if I knew these existed I never would have asked! Coz everything you say is 100% true. The guy who made UBE was generally unhelpful and seemed pretty against the male body like you said. I'm guessing these are currently in work? I will sit and wait patiently for your master work. I hope I didn't come accross as rude or demanding, I'm very appreciative of everyone's work on here. It's so nice to finally have good male support! I didn't know anyone was working to upgrade the body or penis tbh. I don't read the forums, just check in downloads now and then to see what is new.
  2. Soooo it's not possible to put these textures on the current mesh?
  3. I'm very excited to hear about the retexture! I've honestly never had a problem with the skin. The nails are... Well sometimes not good and as I already said the penis is unattractive. Wouldn't care if the mesh isn't updated as long as the textures looked like that. I think you got a little mixed up, I was originally talking about the UBE penis which is pictured above which uses the linked rigged penis. My friend gave me a mod with TRX with SAM but it just looked like SAM penis textures on a different shape. I like the definition of the head as a different colour than the shaft. Maybe the mod I tried was edited not to have a different colour head.
  4. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what meshes do and what only textures do.... the sliders on his body are amazing and a bonus but honestly I just want the penis to appear like the images posted but with SAM body. I just don't think SoS or SAM penis looks realistic enough or nice looking. TRX has the nicest shape imo but again, doesn't look attractive enough for my taste.
  5. UBE recently released and it has an awesome looking penis. The author used this asset: https://smutba.se/project/35595/ which I have been told is a free asset. Does anyone have any idea if this could be made to work with the SAM body? The UBE has so many nice sliders and features but it is clearly made for female characters. The closest I could do was a somewhat femboy. I know a couple in the UBER community asked about a male body and the answer was pretty much no. I have my fingers crossed if any genius out there can have this penis working for SAM!
  6. Finally found this thread and managed to get the error message to go away... but something is wrong with my schlongs. They function correctly and everything but it's all just a matt skin colour with no details.
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