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  1. That is just the default face of COTR , no ? Plus heavy bloom filter . That's next level for you , apparently . But yea you are right , you have NO knowledge in this area . Sam Light was made compatible with COTR a long while ago . When it comes to beautiful boys , we have people making and creating new head mesh on vector , now that is on a whole new level of something . Some decided to share them , some do not which is understandable since people want their creation to stay private .
  2. nuntilappa

    Sorry for the lack of updates

    Its alright take your time πŸ€“
  3. never thought I get the chance to say this , nice dicks XD
    excellent refit , curves around waist are so sexy on them
    Such novelty , such..... craftmanship . This is beyond dreamy and surreal , there are just way too intricate details to mention here . You and Savrenx are really killing it recently . Seriously am I glad you people are still around. It makes it worth visiting VectorPlexis for Skyrim just to find out what you 2 are up to. Again for the last time , W O W 😨
  4. nuntilappa

    Pool Guy

    well said πŸ‘
  5. nuntilappa

    Pool Guy

    yuup I really dislike AI shit as well . Shit lot of them on DeviantArt
    very precise refits as usual . Peach shape is of course amazing
  6. OMG what's up today with all the really HOT STUFF in screenshot @!! Keep it coming !! This Male tifa is HOOOOOOT , those legs are P E R F E C T πŸ‘
  7. W .T . F That looks like Haute Couture from Dior Homme or Chanel ! I can picture Karl Lagerfled wearing it 😱if he is alive that is ..
  8. nuntilappa

    Chris & Jason

    Thor and Aquaman πŸ˜‹?
  9. nuntilappa


    really hot 😨
    Another incredible modsmanship from you . Glasses tints are faint under strong lights so it does not overpower your characters but flashy under strong contrast and low lights , great balance on Alpha map . Screen Archers love these . Details are down to the smallest part , even the nose pads have got textures on it . Small mod but big effort πŸ‘Œ
    These patterns on fabric is so exquisite like it was made by Hugo boss or something. The level of texture work on display here is UN-FKING-BELIEVABLE. Best thing is you manage this with none of those grunge-y effects. Great f'king job is what this is !!
  10. nuntilappa


    wtf that's the nicest bulge i have seen for a while ! 😳
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