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  1. Im using the newest schlong continuation. And i use faster HDT with AVX, and CBPC schlong physics for sam.
  2. No problem, so the seam issue is gone, however the schlong still clips with the balls at least for me
  3. I figured it had something to do with deleting the wrong stuff but perhaps not lol. Also, I have SOS mcm, and change the schlongs through there.. does this add SAMs mcm? I'll have to double check
  4. ok, im using the Continuation schlong, it overwrites HDT bbb mod like you said. And your mod overwrites both of those. I tried deleting the mesh files (malegenitals_0, malegenitals_1) in the folder meshes/actors/character/characterassets/SOS/SAM Light Cut as you instructed, but that didn't seem to effect anything either way; were those the correct files? I also deleted SAM light cut.esp, which when i load in-game it prompts an error message, but im sure thats no big deal
  5. So I think i did the steps you said, but only the uncut schlong works properly; the others have a seam around the balls and pubic area. Also while moving around, I still see the issue with penis flying through the balls. I also notice this overwrited HDT BBB for sam light.. not sure if that is an issue or not
  6. I doubt it man. People started conflicting over petty drama. If i knew what to do I'd make it myself.
  7. ok. i dont know what happened then. Suddenly my schlong flies through the armor
  8. EDIT: I simplly didn't notice it was working until i looked closely, but now i noticed that when i put clothes on, the schlong clips through... Is there a fix for the clipping? I,ve decieded to uninstall in the meantime.... but my schlong still clips through the armor! I reinstalled sam light, and uninstalled everything SOS related.. What all does this mod effect?
  9. Hello, I never figured this out unfortunately.... so if i have this right 1. Download SOS from LL. 2. Download SavernX schlong OR Kija's continuation 3. Using SavernX schlong or Kija's, replace files in them with the original SOS files? (dlls) 4. Install your mod 5. That's it??? I have done those and still there is no floppiness.
  10. The Dragon born quickly left Skyrim after witnessing such violence Executed in Solitude.mp4
  11. When i load in game, a message pops up saying the schlongs of skyrim dLL is missing or old, reinstall SOS. So is SOS necessary for this to work? I use SavernX schlong just like you, but tis is what happens. Should i disable sam light? How exactly are you supposed to install this mod...
  12. Ive installed this, and nothing has changed
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