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    I personally love this mod addon. I can be a smooth boy while everyone else is still a hardened hairy warrior. I personally use it with a texture and normal map addon that requires this, which includes several texture, normal, and specular maps and it's fantastic. Mod is:
    Works wonderfully! I'm using the current AE build 1.6.640.0 the SoS.dll disabled in MO2, SoSPapyrusUtil Beta 4 (allows for SoS scripts to work in Papyrus instead of through .dll), Papyrus Utility, and Address Library For SKSE Plugins. I'm so glad I don't have to choose between the wonderful body shape of SAM and the features of SoS anymore because of this! No more perma flaccid ween for my character. Hope all this helped my fellow post AE modders who want to fix Skyrim's erectile dysfunction with the SAM body using this mod!
  1. I absolutely love this mod, but I have an odd issue I can't seem to find anywhere. A few specific outfits have this horrible problem in which they are lumpy, distorted, and cause holes in the body and armor model. Only two have this issue for me. Can someone please help?
    Absolutely love the textures! Best ones I have ever seen for a male body mod without a doubt! One issue, I've noticed there is no base hand texture with nails. Can I only use this with the added nail meshes high poly offers? Or is is there something I'm missing? Some vanilla armors cover the whole body except the fingers like the Steel Soldier CC armor, but the hands have no nails, which looks very odd, even when using the nail-less mesh option with High Poly SAM Conversion.
  2. I believe your High Poly SAM issues stem from it coming with its own clothing conversion and being overwritten by "SAM SE Vanilla Refits" in you Mod Organizer. I think you need SAM High Poly compatible mods otherwise you'll get issues. I might be a bit late to help you, but I hope this gives you that much needed fix if you're still interested.

    A major improvement on an already legendary body replacer! A perfect compliment to your High Poly Head mod! In both LE and SE and it's fantastic to have such finely detailed character to work with! Especially since I can use the same character in both LE and SE for the first time ever because of the compatibility! With a little converting here-and-there for other mods I used in LE. I never liked the bulky/muscular look of SoS, and always wanted something more boy-ish or Twink-like and this definitely helps. Muscular character look proper with large torsos and big arms, while lower-weight characters (like mine) enjoy a slimmer more toned athletic body. So I don't have to worry about Ulfric having a Twink body, despite him being this hardened warrior. All this without any editing to the mod or additional skeletons. This creates great diversity.
    Very nice indeed! Lessening the need for an original SAM return by a bit for sure! Only problem I have is normal maps and specular reset on my character when equipping/unequipping new torso items. Open Racemenu and closing seems to fix it. Other than that, I love this! I can be a smooth boy among hardened hairy Nordic warriors!
  3. I would love to know what textures you use, especially since I'm a noob with modding SAM
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