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  1. As answered before (at least I think so), SoS addons only relate to the genital area, and can't replace the full body, as this mod does
  2. Thank you! That looks so much better indeed
  3. Well well! It's been broken for me too since a couple game versions back, but I haven't had the time to jump back ingame to fix it, thank you! I'm gonna add it and credit you in the modpage
  4. No, it's a completely different bodymesh
  5. Yes, use "help vagina" to get the ID
  6. Possibly since it's a mesh, and if that race has its own unique body, although I have no personal interest in it so you'd have to do it yourself
  7. Dude... this is creation club content, it's for SE only
  8. It's not an issue, it's physics enabled so it's meant to stretch open, unfortunately I can't finetune the actual hdt values because it's out of my skillset. If it bothers you too much you can remove the UUNP Special xmls listed in the requirements, or disable hdt entirely.
  9. You accidentally left in the "folder_managed_by_vortex" files, also you could remove the meshes that you haven't edited (female armors, 1st person armors, weapons/shields, etc) to trim down the package
    YES, YES, YES! This is the collab I had been waiting for, keep it up! 😍😍
    Super sexy! I actually never thought of squishing the fat in the butt like you did with the tight version! It's very creative and a lot more realistic, good job!
    Finally something for us chubby enthusiasts! I especially love the way the pecs look, and bonus for the realistic crotch fat!
  10. I've explained before why I "reject" it, as much as I would want it it's just not possible. Even in female body mods the most popular choice is to have animation-enabled anus bones, even though I haven't spotted any animator that would use them so far.
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