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  1. Hello for information DLL sos schlong already update go to this link in Loverlab ( ddl AE 640 ) https://www.loverslab.com/topic/198049-any-modder-more-competent-than-me-willing-to-take-on-updating-sos-ae/#comment-3907178 Posted Sunday at 10:16 AM by onen I converted the source code from 1_5_97 on the SoS mod page to AE 1_6_640. It loaded successfully for me, created a male character and got in game with all his bit there. I play female characters so that is as far as i tested it. So you can give it a try if you want until chuckseven1 does his magic. I had to make 3 changes to get it working. 1) Added the skse64 AE change that uses __declspec(dllexport) SKSEPluginVersionData SKSEPlugin_Version = and I removed bool SKSEPlugin_Query(... since i saw other mod examples of working dll's which didn't have it anymore. see skse64/PluginAPI.h 2) removed the skse64 projects from the SoS solution..why oh why do people do it this way. download skse64, compile it(as a static lib), point your mod vc++ directories to those compiled libraries. That seems to me the easier way to do it. 3) removed the line RelocAddr <_LookupFormByID> LookupFormByID(0x00194230); from Storage.cpp and added #include "skse64/GameForms.h" at the top of the file since skse64 has that line with the correct number in that header.
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