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  1. Ah, no actually what you have right now is the scaled version. It originally was designed for females and was looking too short on males. I tried making them even larger, but then it wouldn't look attached correctly to the pits. Still if anyone is interested they can use the modifications I already did, I don't need to be mentioned or given any credits for it. But thank you for proposing your help for testing though, that would have been kind and helpful!
  2. Eeer, no I've no idea how to make sliders to change hairs size. However I know I already changed the scale compared to the original files to make it bigger. Problem is, my Skyrim became quite unstable, I tried many things to fix it but I get crashes when nearing some areas of the game, and I stopped playing it for months now... I'm quite desperated So it makes it hard to test things in-game. Still glad to hear it work on SE I didn't expect it would, thanks for pointing this out!
  3. It's not a glitch actually, you should have refitted beards and brows already I think they're packed with high poly head mod, just scroll the brows and beards options in racemenu until you find the ones that fit the high poly head. If I'm wrong then you could also try these mods, they add good beards and brows for the high poly head : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/65920 and
  4. Thanks a lot, but I have a hard time having hairs being attached at the right spot and move with armpit area correctly... I know it will look distorted even if done correctly, but it really does not look right on some hairs styles. I'm only somehow happy with the one I showed on screenshots. And well I am not very experienced with converting stuff, bodyslide, tes5edit etc etc, so my edits are kind of wonky. I don't even know how to pack a mod correctly, but I can still share the files I modified if you want! They will all use slot 50 decapitated head, so I guess you should avoid getting a head chopped while they are equipped? Keep in mind I converted them for SAM Full and LE, so I think it won't work with SAM light or SE. Here you go : https://1drv.ms/u/s!As6PVwpw713ziTyY0Ty3aHKBmyuW?e=hdBDuh Let me know if the link is working or not EDIT : forgot to mention, hairs will look white / grey until you go to racemenu and reapply hair colour, or you can simply use this mod instead and colour will apply on save load and won't reset each time!
  5. Thank you very much!! I'll have to try this later, thanks again! EDIT : Okay, so I tried as discribed, but hair will remain grey / white EDIT 2 : Nevermind! It's working! I simply had to change my character hair colour in racemenu to sync armpit hair colour! So it does work in the end, thanks again! I think I'll try refit all hairs properly now.
  6. Hi guys, so after many tries I finally ended up getting something working! I converted only one of the five armpit hair styles, I wasn't sure I could even succeed. Here are pictures of the progress! Now I do have a question : Those armpit hairs are supposed to be of the same colour of your character's hair in racemenu. I checked the nifs, and indeed under BSLightingShaderProperty I can read Hair Tint. So they should be of the same colour than the one you use for the hair right? Except, they don't and appear white / grey, same as the texture the nifs use. On my pictures you can see it is already the approximatively right colours, but that's because I set the Hair Tint Colour in the nif directly under BSLightingShaderProperty to be brown. So no matter what hairstyle colour I set in racemenu, say blonde for example, armpit hair will reamin brown because of the change I made. So, is it supposed to be like that and there's no way to change colour dynamically with racemenu hair colour? Or is it because I am doing something wrong? Oh, and I should mention I am on LE using SAM Full, so it may have something to do with it? If I ever succeed converting everything properly ( that's a big if ), well I may then ask the author of the mod if it's all right to share! But in the meanwhile thanks to anyone who will enlighten me! PS: I hope my English isn't too bad!
  7. I'm trying to have it working on LE, I converted the meshes, downloaded textures from original mod, and everything is where it should be in folders, and yet I'm missing every single texture in game. Fun thing is, they appear when in Outfit studio... What am I missing, does anyone know?
  8. Yes you're right, it does not look right on the second one, better have nothing at all in this case. But first one looks good. Ah yes, using SoS 3d pubes could be a good idea indeed. But thanks again for trying, but please don't feel forced to go any further if you don't like what you're doing, I understand and it's all right! It's already very kind of you for having a look at it!
  9. Excellent gif XD Well yes 100 percent sure about that, it's exactly what I would need for several characters I made. It may not be everyone's taste I get that, but I'm sure many would still be interested. Thank you if you try, but I will understand if you change your mind after all : )
  10. Wow really? That would be awesome! By good, you mean good looking ? You have screenshots and files here. Thank you very much if you give it a try!
  11. Hi guys! I recently discovered a new WIP mod on loverslab, it's 3D armpit hair for females. I thought this would be fantastic if I could convert them for SAM body. Unfortunately, I have not the required knowledge as of now to make it myself, I know how to make some basic refits for SAM thanks to air's guide here on this site, but nothing more I'm afraid. I talked with mod's author on loverslab, and he is okay with his work being converted for SAM, he also gave me some t-pose sliders for Outfit studio to help. Problem is, I have no clue where to start... I could give it a try, but then I would need a step by step tutorial. Oh, and I should mention I'm on LE using SAM full My question is, does anyone know what I should do and where to start? Or, but that's a lot to ask, could someone experienced enough have a try? In any case that would be very kind and many thanks in advance!
  12. I think you have Ixum's tattoo's in mind, but I'm not so sure, that's the only one I use and I think there are such overlays
  13. I think I wouldn't be the only one interested if you did update your LE mod! As of now nipple piercings aren't following perfectly chest movements with HDT, they are somewhat at the right place when not moving, but they are not if you're crouching or whatever I tried this mod ( from HarryDoppler, thanks for you work ), and converted the meshes to LE, and piercings move perfectly with HDT. Even on SAM full which is surprising at this was designed for SAM light, I'm confused! But back to your mod Kraan, I can take some screenshots of what I'm explaining if you want and if that helps! Also, when equipping a nipple ring only on the left or the right, a white piercing also appears on the other side, I do not know if it was already reported. So yes, an update would be very nice of you, your work was excellent and I don't know if I could ever play without it again! Just let us know, thank you so much in advance!
  14. Amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for, sadly I can't get it to work properly on LE with Sam full. I tried optimizing meshes with SSE nif optimizer, but hairs colour remains black instead of being of hair colour, and pubes are probably on the same slot as genitals, so they make them disappear once equiped. Could someone skilled enough try converting it? Or I could try myself but I don't know how to do so, especially if it implies modifying the esp. If not, well I understand.
  15. Thank you air. I tried to do as you said, this is the first time I try to do it. It was not successful, the forearm partition seemed to be already there in the mesh, and I used TES5Edit to modify the esp and add the missing partition. But still having gaps, I don't know what I missed or incorrectly did. Thank you for your help though it's very kind!
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