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  1. Until lately I haven't had a problem, but now whenever I start a new game and make my character's Schlong about 50 or above it turns black (on any race). However when I lower the number it stays black. Nothing else seems to be broken. I've attempt to delete everything and reinstall but nothing seems to fix it. I even tried to download the muscular genitals mod to see if replacing the original with the new if that would somehow fix it but this didn't change the schlong from original to the muscular or fix the black problem. Any suggestions? P.s. Nothing else is wrong with SAM except for the unfortunate recent development.
  2. I used to not have problems but now if I turn the penis to something around 50 it turns black (on every race) however if I turn it back down it still stays black. This is the only problem I seem to be having and it only has started happening recently.
  3. whenever i crouch my butt flattens and everything is just messed up also nothing moves like it is supposed to (like the butt) but it applies to the belly chest butt etc. hat went wrong? ps I already have the XP-32 Maximum Skeleton Extended so when installing i didn't choose the option for if you didn't also everything worked just fine until steam somehow had me reinstall skyrim, but in reality all it did was relocate already existing files not actually reinstall
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