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  1. SAM + CotR + Wet Function Redux (with SOS male textures) surprisingly just... works
  2. Gladius showing off in the Bee and Barb basement Some more of my boi
  3. Looking good, can't wait to try them out! Loving the extra definition on the pec area.
  4. Love your content, looking forward to more uploads from you
  5. Ooooh I saw some of your screenies on Nexus a few days ago and loved them. Good to know you're here
  6. Thank you @ SavrenXfor BILF and your changes to this armor 😍
  7. Hi, I'm trying to add a custom schlong texture for Redguards as I use a different skin for them but I'm having some difficulty achieving this. I've added new Armor Addon, Armor and Texture Set records specifically for Redguards as per the other races set up but I don't see any changes in-game. Is there an extra step or two I may have missed? Thanks.
  8. Hey guys, first post in this thread (I think...) Wanted to share my cute lil elf boi Aernwel. Just started a new playthrough and I'm trying to age him as the playthrough progresses. This is him at starting at 20 :3 Archmage at age 24 Also, I kind of suck at taking screenies. Can anyone recommend mods for taking screenies? Some shots in the Arch-Mage's Quarters after a long day Don't mind the last one, forgot to hide menus...
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