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  1. Anyone using BILF is very likely converting armor themselves. I very much am and you are correct this takes a lot of time. I often will dedicate several hours or days to do this, to get ti right. We all have our issues, time management and difficulties, no one ignoring that. I think the context is getting lost here. I see here a healthy opinion not finger pointing. The person observed and shared their opinion of the work which lead to understanding the work, as the artist clarified the intent of the work and purpose from their perspective, and the person understood shared their preference and wished the artist well. My comment agreed with the preference stated in the opinion from my perspective of a person that wants to love these fits and happy to see more refitters in general. This community can shine more with more refitters around. That's a good thing, but I agree with the opinion and and want to show that and why. The artist doesn't have to meet anyone standards no one demanding he does. I have been working on tweaking these fits for my own game to my own taste. I took the time into my own hands to satisfy my taste. I don't share my refits, mainly because I don't want to, but I'm more critical on myself then anyone could ever be. I'm a perfectionist and I wouldn't want to release a refit that I felt wasn't my standards and that's just me not asking anyone else to be that. This is just voicing thoughts and for the record, if I released refits and someone had an opinion on its quality? I would take note of that as a way to improve, if I desired to do so, so long as the opinion was tasteful which I felt this was. if others feel differently, I apologize. Ultimately its good to see this over all but we all have different taste at the end of the day. I see no harm in voicing that every now and then. After all, what would be the point of the comment section? Peace and love to all you guys
  2. Agreed, I have been spending a lot of time tweaking these refits because of this very reason and still not done. It's good to see refits but, we who really really love our characters want the best for them and go that extra mile. Much respect and it's nice to see this type of opinion vocalized. Thank you
  3. Ok at this point, your just faster then me and I appreciate it. I was messing with this for days. So, you just cut my work load in half and I thank you for that. Looks like you didn't convert the stuff I did so your conversion is completely compatible seriously thank you for doing this.
  4. Thank you for sharing this. i have been refitting my favorite armors to BILF and frankly failing quite a few lol. This is one of my favorite armors of all time. I finally got my OC to be BILF so this you just spared me the work. Thank you
  5. Omg finally, I can hook inigo up at last. it's always bothered I could never get inigo looking nice. That can finally be over
  6. That was quick. Haha , when I saw this I knew you fall in love with it, but for me it was only alright looking. Boy was I wrong, you done made it have this sexy dragon priest vibe to it now. Super hot homie, you did it again.
  7. Yueviathan

    Pool Guy

    I needed to read words like this. Thank you, and amen to every word. Spitting fire and truth that we all are dealing with daily.
  8. Homie, you know how I love me some modern clothes. When you displayed this here I was hoping you was going to make these type of edits to it, and then you drop these screen shots and I'm like yes yes yes!!!!!!. You have no idea just how much this can be mixed and matched with other modern clothes mods available with what you are doing. I'mma have a field day. Can't wait
  9. I freaken love how we all pulling up. Sexy squad unite. This is why I love Vector
  10. Shot out to the homies, this one is for you guys much love from me.
    Love them . These will stay up as doing this with your lucien was a treat. Thank you homie for what you do, was a pleasure.
  11. Yueviathan


    Oh I need this, my ghetto ass desperately want's some street clothes or sexy sport clothes and this fits the bill
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