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G12 Vanilla Skimpy Clothings Replacer and Standalone 2.1.0

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About This File


This mod adds or/and replaces almost all the clothings in Basegame.


  1. Atomic Muscle 2.0+ by Ulfberto: Link


Install this mod by mod manager. During FOMOD installation, choose either replacer version or standalone version, or even both.

The esps in this mod are esl-flagged. 


Replacer Version: Replace almost all of the clothings in Fallout 4 basegame. These outfits are excluded: All the dresses, Captain Zao's Uniform, Hancock's Uniform, Bathrobe.

Standalone Version: Add the skimpy version of most clothings in basegame into Chem Station crafting lists. They have their names starting with "Skimpy" to differentiate from vanilla ones. 

Standalone Version - Leveled List Injection: Requires my Leveled List Injection Core File. This file injects standalone version outfits into basegame leveled lists. Most of the clothings are injected into leveled lists of Raider, Rairoad, BoS, CoA, Minutemen, Institute, Gunner, Container, Settler, Resident, Wastelander and Vendor. The clothings are sorted for each faction so generally it should not break lore friendly immersion. 

Get in Game

Standalone Version: 

  1. Chem Station under "(Atomic Muscle) Vanilla Skimpy Clothings". 
  2. Type in console "Help Vanilla 4 FLST". Then there will be some Form ID lists for you to quickly add all the outfits into your inventory. 


  1. Compatible with Equipment and Crafting Overhaul - Redux and New Equipment Overhaul. Make sure to put my Replacer esp after Dank_ArmorOverrides.esp if you are using it. For Standalone, the load order doesn't matter. 
  2. Patches available for Synth Overhaul (C.A.S.T.) (a.k.a. SO) (Highly recommended!!!). Please read the instructions during FOMOD installation. 
    Features: Adds a lot of colorswaps to Synth Uniform. 
  3. Patches available for Clothing Color Variety (Highly Recommended!!!). Please read the instructions during FOMOD installation.
    Features: Adds tons of colorswaps to most of the clothings in game. 
  4. Most clothings in this mod can benefit from vanilla texture improvement mods. Recommended: Fallout 4 HD Overhaul 2k or SavrenX HD Vanilla Clothes. 
  5. Not compatible with some replacer mods. But usually can be solved by putting other replacer mods' esp files beneath mine or create a patch file in FO4Edit. 
  6. For Lunar Fallout Overhaul, AWKCR, AE, Horizon, etc, a patch file might also be needed. 
  7. Not comptatible with Raider Overhaul. That mod alters a lot of biped slots of vanilla outfits, which can cause missing hands bug with my mod. But this might be solved by putting my mod beneath Raider Overhaul or create a patch file in FO4Edit. 


  1. All the clothings with robes or capes or coats could have clippings with butt or legs when character not standing still. 
  2. Let me know if you encounter any problem, since I didn't test thoroughly and there are so many stuff in this mod. 


  1. @ Ulfbertofor Atomic Muscle and vanilla clothings refits. 
  2. QuietPippin for his wonderful True Wasteland Body Outfits which inspired me to do this mod. 
  3. AlexSlesh for ALSL Vault Suit Unzipped
  4. friffy for Just another Piper Outfit
  5. SVRGN for Maxson's battlecoat Standalone
  6. noLOVE for Hunter Set
  7. vhared55 for Chain Bikini
  8. Jordan1q2 for JC Bikini
  9. Mirjan for Athena Jumpsuits
  10. ferbii for Furby Custom Brotherhood Uniform
  11. 7StarC for Children of Atom - Fanatics Outfits
  12. Handsome Male Preset by @ Darnexx: Link
  13. Bethesda for the game
  14. Material Editor for editing BGSM files
  15. Blender and Pynifly plugin for modifying models and UV maps
  16. FO4 Edit for creating esp files
  17. Bodyslide and Outfit Studio for generating morphs and building nifs
  18. Photoshop for processing dds files


You have permission to do anything with this mod as long as within VectorPlexus website or Ulf's discord, and you must credit corresponding original mod authors of the assets you want to use in the first place. 


In case you want to support me¬†ūüėČ:¬†Kofi.¬†

What's New in Version 2.1.0   See changelog


  • Added patch for¬†Clothing Color Variety¬†for both versions in FOMOD selection. Highly recommended for tons of colorswaps. AWKCR dependency is already removed.¬†
  • Added patch for Synth Overhaul + Clothing Color Variety. If you select to install this patch, the Synth Overhaul patches for my Vanilla Skimpy Clothings mod will be obsolete (They will not be installed).¬†
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Amazing work, thank you for bringing new life to Fallout!


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