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About This File

To install the mod just extract it to your game installation mod folder:
\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\XComGame\Mods


This mod was initially developed to simply add a slider Customization option, to be able to have soldiers look more or less muscular. Aside from that I also made revealing versions of some of the armor parts (it's a WIP, and eventually I may refit more parts at some later point). But to achieve a slider it's a type of mod that changes the Soldier Animation Tree, so any mod that does the same will be incompatible (none that I'm aware of though).

In order to make meshes (specially heads) to be slider enabled, its an incredible "destructive" thing to do, since the game engine doesn't allow for proper export of the existing meshes, so I basically had to "redo" all heads and that's why they look different from the ones on the base game. I added two new custom heads (Dustin and Chris Redfield) but I do plan to add more later on.

Because with time I have added countless features from Alien Hunters DLC, it is now an absolute requirement. Without it, bugs will happen.

XSoldier has support for XCOM 2 MCM, get it here:

Not a requirement but I advise getting this to fix a bug:

Although the mod started by being just a graphic mod, I generally do like to include some minor gameplay changes to go along with it.

----- NO BOOBS ALLOWED -----
As many of you know, my goal and mission is mostly to provide mods that focus on men, so this mod operates exclusively on male soldiers. There is also an option on the MCM that will allow you to automatically convert any female crew members on the Avenger to male. This will affect Clerks and Crew, but not Soldiers. If you want inflating boobs... ask someone else!

----- GAME MODES -----

  • NORMAL: The normal mode makes the game operate almost only like a graphical Mod. The soldiers will have a Weight slider on the customization screen, that will you to set a value for each. Some gameplay elements might be present, but they don't affect gameplay. To set the mode to normal, you must uncheck IMMERSIVE and STAT PROGRESSION on the MCM screen (false for both if you edit the INI).
  • IMMERSIVE: The Immersive mode operates much like NORMAL, with the exception of the slider, which will be locked. So if you want to get a soldier bigger, you will have to use the GTS and the AWC. This mode will also automatically import a soldier's weight from the Character Pool, as long as a character with the same name exists.
  • STAT PROGRESSION: As the name implies, this mode will change soldier's stats and abilities, which will influence the gameplay. Slider is also be locked, and no CP import will happen. For balance reasons each "body level" will have some buffs and debuffs.

The GTS will now have an extra training staff slot, in which you can have a soldier to train. Just like any other training project, after a few days, the soldier's weight will increase. I have also made so that any soldier or NPC will be bare chest while at the facility.

Training at the GTS can only get you so far, and to continue gaining more weight and increase the body level, you will need to subject the soldier to Gene Therapy. Once the appropriate project time runs, the soldier will be able to further increase his weight by training at the GTS.

I changed the Sectoid that showed up there into a more appealing Berserker.

While playing with XSoldier on STAT PROGRESSION mode, soldiers will have to train at the GTS to be able to bulk up, and by doing so they get some buffs but also debuffs. Each level steps at every 20 weight:

  • LEVEL 1 - LEAN: The first level, will be earned when you get weight at 20.
  • LEVEL 2 - ATHLETIC: Earned when the soldier gets weight at 40.
  • LEVEL 3 - ROBUST: At weight 60. Typically you will need to get the soldier under Gene Therapy to be able to reach this level, as by default, the Weight Cap is set to 50. The soldier will also gain immunity to panic, but become increasingly vulnerable to psionic attacks.
  • LEVEL 4 - MUSCULAR: Set at 80. At this level, the soldier will earn the Rage Strike ability, the same from the oriinal Rage Suit, but no charges, and with a cooldown of 3 turns.
  • LEVEL 5 - MASSIVE: Reached when you get the soldier at max weight, 100. The Soldier will gain the Wall Breaking ability, which allows him to break everything in is path... Who needs doors? Just smash through that wall and keep moving! Unfortunately, this ability will also break the Squad/Soldier concealment, forcing you to rethink your gameplay if you have a Massive Soldier on your squad.

Some advice regarding Classes vs Weights. I generally built the Buffs and Debuffs around this order:

  1. Psi Operatives
  2. Sharpshooters/Specialists
  3. Rangers/Grenadiers/Commando

Basically, the more weight you get, the more you will benefit if you are a more "Heavy" class. The motto is, Big and Dumb... A soldier at 100 weight, will be extremely susceptible to Mind Control, so be careful. I also strongly advise using Speed/Movement PCS, as the bigger they get, their mobility will be reduced and more easily visible by aliens.

Central Officer John Bradford will now be available as a soldier, with a unique class, Commando. This class is basically a mix between Grenadier and Ranger, but instead of buffing grenades, it will buff Heavy Weapons. He can equip one, regardless of the armor being used. He will also be able to gain an extra level, Field Marshall, and can be a bit Overpowered. However, letting him die or be captured in battle, will end the game. Since at weight 80 in STAT PROGRESSION the soldiers will gain the Rage Strike ability, I have changed the Rage Suit ability to the Quake ability from the Berserker Queen. Because of the way the ability works, it will work differently on NORMAL/IMMERSIVE and STAT PROGRESSION. The 2 first, the ability is just a Rage Strike AoE instead of single target. In STAT PROGRESSION, the ability will also be able to disorient/stun/make targets unconscious.

It was also added a "system" in the game that tries to always load Bradford, regardless of the soldiers who are already loaded and any INI tweaks that have been made. There are some occasions when he will not show up, or even show up in the wrong place using wrong animations but I was unable to determine the reason.

Yep, thats a thing for me... if there are for women, why not for men? =P

----- BODY TATTOOS -----
XSoldier adds options on the customization to have Tattoos on other body parts
besides arms.

----- MCM SUPPORT -----
XSoldier integrates MCM API, so users can easily change options in-game. Aside
from the features already described, I'll skip explaining the options since most
are self-explanatory.

Several design changes were made to XSoldier to better work with the expansion:

  • Commando (Central's soldier class) is now a Hero class. It is still a mix between Ranger and Grenadier, but also has 2 new trees with some unique abilities: Officer and First War.
  • Because in WotC expansion there are higher chances of getting Berserkers in missions, the mod will no longer change their spawn locations and rates.
  • Due to the fact that the game now requires a larger amount of soldiers on your roster, I've decided to raise the default values of Weight Increase and Weight Loss to 20 and 10. They are still configurable on the MCM.
  • Overdrive Serum will now also offer a new way to increase the soldier's weight. Each use in a mission will increase the weight for the duration of the effect by the Weight Increase value setup in the MCM. Once the effect is over the setup Weight Loss value will be removed. The Weight increase buffs the melee attacks, but no change will the the Physique ability on it self (Lean, Athletic, Robust, Muscular or Massive) until you end the mission and go back to the avenger.
  • Due to the loss of mobility that results from increasing weight, was not setup as an intenger, sometimes (even in vanilla) moving to certain tiles, while visually seemed to indicate that the move would only cost one action point, it would spend 2. To fix this issue I have changed the values to intengers, losing 1 point of mobility for every physique level. To compensate for that, I also increased the value that PCS: Superior Speed grants.
  • Weight Levels 1 and 2 (Lean and Athletic) will no longer grant armor bonus. Levels above weight 50 will increase Armor 1 point per level.
  • Since I was messing up with the PCSs, I decided to also include 2 new PCSs: Hacking and Psi Power. So if you use a mod that also adds them, I would advise ditching such mod.
  • The Armory Main Menu will now display the Weight stat for classes other than Psi Operatives and Sparks.

Here's a table with the summary of the abilities for Central/Commando. Abilities in bold are new ones, and include a brief description (hover on an ability in bold to see more info):

  Squaddie Corporal Sergeant Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Field Marshall
HEAVY Heavy Weapons Shredder   Maximum Ordnance Elerium Infusion   Artillery Expert Rupture
ASSAULT Sword Slice   Blademaster Run and Gun   Bladestorm Untouchable Reaper
OFFICER Holo Targeting Tactical Rigging Inspiring Presence   Resilience Counter Measures   Rally Troops
FIRST WAR   Enemy Known Nemesis Lightning Reflexes Field Medic   HEAT Ammo  

----- PHOTOBOOTH -----
Three new backgrounds were added, and the mod will automatically generate five unique posters, similar to the loading screens.

The MCM also offers the possibility of adding custom posters. The images must be in PNG format, and transparencies are allowed. The ratio and max resolution must
be 800x1200, and they must be put inside the folder game user folder at:

\Documents\My Games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\XComGame\Photobooth\XSoldier\

Avoid using unusual characters to name the files (spaces, slashes, etc). Hifens or underscores are ok. 

There is also a check that will allow the game to exclusively populate posters using only the added custom images.

Because the way the Posters are implemented in the game, I tried to design the MCM options taken in consideration not only that, but also what I think people would want to have.

Posters, are "bound" to a certain campaign, so the Custom Posters exist in a specific campaign (CampaignID 999). When the game loads posters, it does so by CampaignID, so we can't have posters from different campaigns being loaded simultaneously. But, because I think that some people would like to have a mix of both Custom and "normal" posters, that's what the "Copy Database" option is there for, to copy the list of Custom Posters into the current campaign.

This is a list of known bugs/issues. If you find anything not listed here, please report the issue at the forums (www.vectorplexus.com):

----- GENERAL -----

  • If you have Scale enabled, Soldiers that are +50 weight will have the XPad Camera not properly aligned, which renders the XPad the rise out of the screen. Likewise, for the same reason you will see some silly offset when a Soldier is doing pullups at the GTS, and other animations might look less "optimal".
  • There is a known bug with the game, that causes Proving Ground Experimental projects to not properly reward an item. Although XSoldier does not really add any new item projects, it seems to be causing this issue aswell. You can fix this by installing http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665435869
  • When Central is forced to spawn on the Avenger, it might not show up, or spawn in T-Pose.
  • Bradford and/or soldiers are not showing up on the Avenger when they are slotted to workout? Unsure if its a bug or something that was changed in WotC.
  • Workout and Gene Therapy Project miss proper alert warnings.

----- ASSETS -----

  • Lack of vanilla content: Because I had to "destroy" all original content, to make all meshes "compatible", I would need to refit all. It takes a lot of time, so in some cases I have opted to remove some content.
  • Few minor mesh "bugs", that produce some holes, on shoulders/arms and on the butt.
  • Arms Tattoos are being applied simultaneously on left and right arms. This issue its because how they are applied on the mesh by using a vertex colour filter, I need to re-export the meshes to fix it.
  • The male Codex texture swaps between the original and the proper one.
  • Some animations are sometimes displaying awkward poses. Broadly speaking, this is partially an issue with my mod, but some of it I believe it has nothing to do with XSoldier, since the issue also happens to ADVENT Units, and XSoldier does no change to those. There may be some of these issues that XSoldier may be responsible for, but I haven't investigated yet.


  • The slider doesn't work very well when using the scroll on the mouse. I did my best to minimize this issue, but it may still happen.
  • During Customization, you are able to have the Kevlar Armor sleeves with the bare torso. This is not intended, and everything is properly setup, so I can only assume its happening because of some Game bug.
  • While at the Character Pool, changing torso or legs will cause respectively the torso and legs tattoo to disappear. This is just a "temporary" bug, and the tattoos will properly load when the pawn is refreshed/recreated.
  • Normal Soldiers are getting the Skirmisher's hairs listed. Have to remove them from the XComContent since normal soldiers will not filter Skirmisher specific hairs.

----- FACILITIES -----

  • If the mod is installed and used in an already existing save, and if that save had a GTS or AWC (Infirmary) under construction, the slots added by XSoldier will not show up!

----- MISSIONS -----

  • Soldiers who have gained the Wall Breaking ability, will destroy the elevator on Shen's Last Gift Mission (The Lost Tower). I tried to see if I could get a fix, but so far no luck. Just don't take any Soldier that is 100 Weight on the mission, in case you play with STAT PROGRESSION.
  • When a soldier gets resurrected by psi attacks, it will loose the weight and will get the double head bug.
  • The Dropship cinematic doesn't seem to be applying the correct Headshapes, or at least not for Skirmishers, since its more visible.

----- UI -----

  • When promoting Central from the After Action screen, it doesn't move the pawn to the right, as it does for normal Hero classes. Until it is fixed, just use the Armory or Training Center to promote him. 
  • The PCS: Hacking will on some situations revert to the default empty icon in both the Implant slot and in the ability summary. This is of no consequence to gameplay.

If you chose to use STAT PROGRESSION mode, you should consider the following issues:

  • As a soldier gets bigger, he will lose his mobility, so equipping PCS: Speed on them is vital, otherwise they will be severely gimped.
  • Be mindful that as soon as you have a soldier with weight 100 on your squad, the moment he moves, the squad will lose concealment.
  • Avoid changing Mod Options in the middle of a mission or if that mission save was made with a different Mode setting. While I did some effort to make the appropriate changes on the strategy layer, changing stuff on units while in a mission is a bit more complex and I couldn't be bothered with it.

Some people have asked me for a LW2 patch, I tried and failed, and if you read the LW2 disclaimer, you will see that it's a mod that is very intrusive and changes A LOT of classes by overriding them. Overriding is the best method to do changes, but also to ensure mod incompatibility, and thats why I only override one single class, XComHumanPawn. I tried several times to implement the slider without any overrides, but the results were buggy.

TL;DR: I will not provide any compatible patches with any complex mod such as LW2. However, XSoldier's Slider feature, still works with LW2, just not those things that change gameplay.

Since I can't really write everything on every available language, I'm leaving a call out to everyone that is able to do the localizations for me:

GERMAN: Drakon
FRENCH: Xenthas
RUSSIAN: sh1ny/Ivik
KOREAN: No one
POLISH: No one

What's New in Version 1.8.0


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   9 of 10 members found this review helpful 9 / 10 members

Very neat well done, it's awesome roaming with the debug camera in the Avenger too :D Cheers Vector Plexus.


Also wanted to know if anyone knows how this was achieved

Nude mod has its own legs and torso, can't be attached like a hat or so hehe



Cheers regardless :)



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would love to see new version drop x.x

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