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  1. I am trying to create a mod that overrides the torso, legs, and arms DIF skin textures in the HumanShared.upk with my modified variants. I have already packaged the modified variants into a .upk called HumanSharedOverride.upk using the XCOM 2 WOTC SDK Unreal Editor. However, I unsure of how to proceed, I am unfamiliar with how to overwrite textures in UDK 3, I thought I was supposed to do it in an INI method, but I suspect that there is a C++ method I should be using. The HumanShared.upk is the package that includes 4 MaterialInstanceConstants that points at 3 Texture2D DIFs (1 of them are pointed at by 2 MaterialInstanceConstants), that the game, the DLC "Anarchy's Children" and the Mod "XSoldier" uses to texture male torsos, legs and arms. The HumanShared.upk package also includes the NRM and MSK Texture2Ds that I will be have my MaterialInstanceConstants point at. My package (HumanSharedOverride.upk) includes the following: Modified ArmsToned_Dif (Texture2D) Modified copy of Arms_Toned (MaterialInstanceConstant) that points at Modified ArmsToned_Dif (Texture2D) Modified copy of Arms_Relaxed (MaterialInstanceConstant) that points at Modified ArmsToned_Dif (Texture2D) (Note: Even the vanilla Arms_Relaxed (MaterialInstanceConstant) points at the vanilla ArmsToned_Dif (Texture2D)) Modified Legs_M_DIF (Texture2D) Modified copy of Legs (MaterialInstanceConstant) that points at Modified Legs_M_DIF (Texture2D) Modified Torso_M_Dif (Texture2D) Modified copy of Torso (MaterialInstanceConstant) that points at Modified Torso_M_Dif (Texture2D) Advise on how I should proceed would be greatly appreciated.
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