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  1. Well not really an issue with your mod, though Wraithguard is still borked for me in first person, granted wouldn't be surprised if that's just a me thing. On the side of the original mod, least for me, the Captain's Clothes have some clipping issues, although massive odds this is just due to my animation mods and not the fault of the original refit.
  2. My dude I love you, these being screwed up especially Wraithguard, has been annoying me for ages. Thank you for this.
  3. Hi, probably an out of nowhere message for a mod you made 3 years ago. But before I get into specifics just wanna preface that I love the mod, best of the CC item refits I've seen and if I'mma be honest probably the best refit of the official Bethesda released sets. Now into the problem I've been having that I'm not quite sure on the cause of, for 5 of the armors, their nail textures are missing on the hands, those armors being the 3 Spell Knight sets, the Steel Soldier, and the Daedric Mail. Wraithguard is also having an issue that's a lot weirder, in third person the texture is perfectly fine, but in first person it completely breaks, I've tested with just SAM Light installed, as well as with the high poly conversion and the texture add-on, problem persists in both (to show this the Daedric Mail screenshot is from my main save where I'm using all 3 mods listed, the rest are from a clean save with several less mods installed, I've also included my installed mods to show all I have when testing. spoiler tagged for the sake of keeping this post being really long. This occurs equally between man races, mer races, and beast races. Don't mind the BHUNP stuff that's there for testing a different texture error, funnily enough also for the Spell Knight trio (guess it's just feeling buggy for me), I've tested both with and without them installed and the missing nail textures persists, screenshot just happens to be taken from while I had them ticked on. Will also state that I've tried with both only the meshes and with the bodyslide files ticked.
  4. K so after a lot of hair ripping, and hours spent sorting through mods, toggling things on and off, making multiple MO2 profiles to test combinations, etc, I found the problem child. It was a single face replacer for a high elf follower that was trying to override half the male body textures in the game. Nothing was giving me conflict warning so I had no idea.
  5. I actually entirely forgot those shouts exist, so thanks for that reminder. However things still revert, so that wasn't the problem. And it's not every NPC, anyone who's Argonian, Dark Elf, High Elf, Khajiit, or Wood Elf are unaffected So it's only the male body being used by Imperial, Nord, Breton, Orc, and Redguard that bug out. And if I knew how to find the texture I would, any idea where to look for it?
  6. K so I'm not entirely sure what's causing this, and I'm holding off from just reinstalling everything cause that's a tedious process. But as of more recently I've been having a problem where body textures are breaking. The first image on the left is what they keep doing, the image in the middle is what they're supposed to be, which they do revert back to if I go into race menu and swap the Body Diffuse and Body Normal sliders from 1 then back to 0. However if I save and reload, or equip and unequip an armor, they revert back to being broken. The last image was me seeing what would happen if I went into RM, and messed with the sliders while already wearing an armor. Same issues apply, if I reload or remove armor then body textures revert back to the left. Using SAM Light SE High Poly convert SAM Light texture Add-on (not shown in screenshots cause I was testing something, but even with it problems persist, only different between these screenshots and with it is the neck seam is fine in the middle, and wrong on the left) Only mods I've installed between when I recall things breaking and when they worked were tech side bug fixes that shouldn't have any impact on body textures, so no clue what would be causing it.
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