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  1. The default head mesh has the same issue. If you're using a "low poly face" that has symmetrical eye UVs then you're using a mod. You can either use a texture that is made for the default head mesh UVs (asymmetrical eye sockets), edit the UV for the high poly head left eye yourself or wait for KouLeifoh to release an update with symmetrical eye socket UVs (which he said he may add in a future update).
  2. I looked at it closely and it appears that KouLeifoh made the High Poly head compatible with default/vanilla Skyrim femalehead textures, which have this deformity. I suspect this is to maximize compatibility with existing texture mods (and those from the base game). The 'Enhanced Head Meshes' mod you mentioned makes the eye area of the head mesh more symmetrical, much as the ECE head mesh does. You appear to be using Fair Skin Complexion(https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51602) textures. If you look at that mod's requirements on the description page, you'll see this: The face textures are most compatible with the symmetrical head mesh contained in the ECE. With other meshes, the left eye area may look slightly distorted. If you use those textures with a headmesh that is compatible with the default/vanilla UV, you'll have this issue. If you use a texture that is fully compatible with the default headmesh UV (e.g. Mature Skin) you won't have this issue.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I understand now. I found the brows associated with this mod (they were at the beginning of the list of available brows rather than at the end because this is an esm and not an esp like most mods that add new brows. Thanks again, it works great!
  4. This looks wonderful, thank you for sharing. I just tried out the female head and it looks great except for one problem. I use "Unique Character" (mod) that allows me to use a unique set of meshes and textures for my character without making them a custom race. When I switch to the face part for the high poly head, the brows mesh does not switch. It's still using the low poly femalebrows.nif and there is awful clipping. The Unique Character plugin does not specify the brows face part, so I'm not sure what's preventing your high poly brows mesh from being used. Do I need to add "High Poly Head.esm" as a master to the Unique Character plugin and change the head part record to refer to the high poly head? If so, won't that prevent me from using the old brows with the old head mesh? I'm hoping there's a way to have Racemenu switch to the high poly brows along with the high poly head by way of the face part slider. Any ideas?
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