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  1. Nice! Hoping to see them in Starfield soon once modding there is a go.
  2. dekanos

    Starfield - Hot Traveler Boy

    See my handsome and delicious baby boy in Starfield. And so it begins...
  3. dekanos


    Nope. Sorry, it's my character. I just have the "Alternative Camera" mod that's why the camera is facing my pc when choosing my dialogue.
  4. Hi, everyone! Been a fan of SAM Light ever since! It's the best male body mesh ever made for Skyrim! However, there are limited textures that has armpit hairs especially one that is compatible. Can someone port and convert this for AE SAM Light? > https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4102-mbhrop-male-body-hair-racemenu-overlays-plug-in/ It has pit overlays and such, however I think it's not compatible with SAM BILF as the overlay has clippings with the body mesh. Hope some has the time to do it or help me convert it. Thank you!
  5. The description is so hot.
  6. Normal map for me does not work too. What do you mean combination with complexion? I don't get it because the complexions are not affected by this, it's just the default face details.
  7. Hello! I love this mod! Been using this. I have a request, I guess. Can we have skin diffuse 0-1 with armpit hairs just like in diffuse 10? Dying to have this kind of texture with smooth body yet with pubic to navel hair with armpit hairs as well. Thank you! Just like this:
    So good! Can we have the versions 0-1 but with armpit hair please? T^T I'm dying to find good textures like the first two choices with armpit hairs.
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