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  1. X-Soldier (Schlong Edition)

    1) This is not my work, this is an old project Vector Plexus began but never publicly shared. ALL CREDIT TO VECTOR
    2) I am generally not sure of the specifics of this file. There is a Read Me, but if there are issues or bugs then you might have to troubleshoot yourself or hope someone can update this file to be less buggy.
    3) I mean no disrespect. It's been over 5 years since this file was worked on and about 7 years since the release of XCOM 2. I just want to bring a bit of life to my favorite game so many years after this was shared with me.
    4) If someone truly wants me to take this down, please just contact me and I will do so. Again I mean no disrespect to Vector, I just didn't want a project like this to never see the light of day.
    Again, I don't really know the ins and outs of X-SCHLONG if you wanna call it, so please don't ask me the specifics. It might be a good idea to troubleshoot together if there's any issues.
    You might have to delete/remove the file in your game that is called XComXSoldier.ini . However I'm not sure if that still applies all these years later.
    I believe that the console command to make your soldier erect is: XSoldierErection "Soldier Name" true 100 . Test it out and see if it works.
    You might get the best results using the XCOM2 Alternative Mod Launcher. Try it out for yourself, no promises.
    Please don’t post this file anywhere else + please credit VectorPlexus if this file is changed in any way.


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