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  1. Thank you so much, turns out that I needed to progress further in the game and unlock the option to investigate new armor, aside from that another mod helped too, adding stuff that I supposed wer removed due to not being able to adjust to XSoldier meshes
  2. Hello, I just started playing XCOM 2 WotC and also downloaded XSoldier, which I know we sadly never got the full version, so the thing is when I customize a unit I have very little options regarding armors, only 4 vanilla options appear + 2 XSoldier (first pic, also from torso 6 to 10 is a different mod that doesn't even look good with XSoldier so lets ignore that for now), is this the only options that we get with XSoldier 1.8.0 or are there any unlockable skimpy armors that I don't know about? Cause I've seen people use a different armour (second pic) and I can't seem to find it. Any help is welcomed ^^
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