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Status Updates posted by CrimsonfireG

  1. @cyanide_dream It's an 01 Ford escort zx2 dohc

  2. @cyanide_dream im almost 100% positive its the alternator. but even if the battery is good, if the alternator is ba… https://t.co/6QRmb0eiIB

  3. (2/2) If you would like to help/donate to the funds for this, while it is not expected, you can do so here:… https://t.co/Xma7ydJ8ir

  4. (1/2) Alright, i think I found the culprit. It is either the battery or the alternator. I am leaning towards the al… https://t.co/X5VF1NIpIv

  5. Welp.. stream will be delayed a but. Went to get rent and lunch and my car died. I think it's the battery or altern… https://t.co/AMlCKxbt7L

  6. @KyjerLyden @TheRaoulChan Damn.. I haven't done hookah in forever..

  7. @NeonShamanVR Very good pubby

  8. @VortexYeen @HunkyManedLion i was actually about to make a tweet about the hacked account.

  9. @Reo_GrayFox I think I did it wrong lol

  10. I feel called out lol https://t.co/eIIsD0KxGG

  11. @official_throne I dint have enough fingers for that.... I'll need like.. *starts counting* 39 volunteers and their hands lol

  12. @Spottyroo Same car but one has been scaled on its z-axis

  13. ? https://t.co/YFQextN1i4

  14. Hey guys, todays stream is cancelled. gonna be recording some videos for YouTube and probably go dashing so I can m… https://t.co/Idhljs4seT

  15. @MalakaiGreyFang And their blocked..

  16. 📣The Mainframe Servers are changing gears over to #TrainzRailroadSimulator2019 ! https://t.co/Zkt8FrmdCW #twitch

  17. 🔴The mainframe servers have booted up and is now #LIVE on the most encrypted channel on #twitch with AmericanTruckS… https://t.co/qb9v77KjCV

  18. Good night everyone. Sincerely hope you all sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams.

  19. @KuraiKaiju The Rex, canis, I actually have an aqualux avatar that would be perfect for it.

  20. RT @issorkera: The family is my own it's more for my mom I'm passing this along cus people i consider family are reaching out if you can't…

  21. RT @TheHiroCorgi: My friends, I want to try and see if this will reach people across Twitter altogether.

    Retweet this post if you believe…

  22. RT @DaltynWolf: The tropical rainforest of Furality Sylva awaits.

    June 2 - 4, 2023

    See you there!

  23. @sonic1up Usually start on my side, wake up on my stomach lol

  24. @ScruffyPuppy_AD Oh I'm not leaving it vulnerable. I have 2fa on almost everything lol.

  25. @Baronvonderg It's bs... imo text sms is more secure than most, and u have to pay to use it? It is what it is I gue… https://t.co/XQrwXSQaz5

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