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Break time is over, and some modding news

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Hey guys!

Sorry I went off for a while, but there's only so much I can handle... sometimes I just need to go "off" for a while to forget about shit. But having that said, I was still working on stuff either way!

So here's the news...

Will probably update the Divinity: Original Sin mod soon. I decided to finally install the editor and it has enlighten me on how some things work. Up until now, aside from the 3D part, everything was being done by editing XML manually. I still do some XML edit though, because the editor "protects" the original files from writing on them, even if they are not the original ones, but a just copy. Here's a summary of whats changing:

  • Mod is now a single file, easier to install and that can be enabled/disabled in game
  • Added some crafting dyeable bags, for convenience, and some minor item¬†icons tweaks
  • Added craftable potions that permanently increase the stats, and the book that adds ability points is also craftable, so no need for the initial buff stat mod.
  • Added a new Potion of the Titans, which will replace the standalone scale¬†mod part. There are 5 levels, each will increase the scale, this way, ppl can scale the character as they please. There is also some stat changing on the potion (+1 strength, +1 constitution, -1 speed, -1 dexterity)
  • Jahan can now use the Respec Demon

The only thing that is preventing me from releasing is that the scaling system is done in a very unorthodox way, because the engine does not allow scaling in game. So the scaling is being done by replacing animations... I basically had to edit 544 animations, and that for each level... so that makes 544*5... The problem is that the tool that allows me to edit/convert the animations, is not 100% working, but I've been PMing the tool's author, and yesterday he improved the animation imports, so it looks much better now, even releasable... But I'll wait a bit more to see if he can improve it.

Now... Titan Quest... I haven't played it in like... 10 years?? LOL... But the Anniversary Edition was released, so I was like "oh well... why not? I have it for free anyway since I already own it...". I only vaguely remembered that I really found the Satyres and Centaurs sexy, but never really played the game a lot. Now, I'm playing/modding as I go... If I find a mob that I deem that a buff is neccessary, then I edit it. The tools to edit meshes are a bit limited though, so there's that... And I'm still considering if I should mod or not the Player Character...  For now its just making some mobs beefier, also depending the type of mob they are... For example... Archers and Casters I'll leave untouched (unless they are Heroes or Bosses), but melee type mobs I'm beefing them up! I'm also editing Masteries a bit, so almost every mastery will have a cool sexy summon:

  • Warfare: Minotaur
  • Nature: Centaur Ranger replacing the silly nymph
  • Hunting: Centaur Marauder
  • Storm/Earth: Will replace the summons for a sexy creature from Immortal Throne expansion
  • Dream: Still unsure
  • Defense/Rogue: not planned¬†

I want to finish the Masteries shenanigan first, because changing the masteries in an already started character will lead to Skill points being lost, if there were points used in the abilities that are being replaced. As soon as I'm done with that, I'll release it

EDIT: Just to make it clear... Whenever I say I'm taking a break, that usually means only "taking a break from the internet". So even though I felt like staying away from my "online life" I still continued to work on stuff, as I described

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Author of the topic Posted
23 minutes ago, link777294 said:

Very nice to see your going to be modding again. Out of curiosity, are you planning on changing or updating any of your other mods as well?

I will never stop modding... I have this trigger inside me that whenever I play a game I feel the urge to make sexy men everywhere =P

I will eventually get back on Skyrim/SAM after the "remaster", and I still have to work quite a bit more on XSoldier. Aside from that... what else were you inquiring about? =)


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Author of the topic Posted
3 hours ago, seorith said:

I just wonder if the Titans Quest Mods will work on the disc versions since that's what I have and so far what I have seen of what your doing is so nice lol.

I already told you that on steam, but I'm going to reply here to, so other ppl can read. There is no reason for not to work with original game versions, the only requirement will be Immortal Throne. I havent tested yet with the original version on steam, but I'm pretty sure it will work.

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