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Download — Martial God Musa - Black Desert Online

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Martial God Musa - Black Desert Online

A muscular body mod for Musa with nudity, revealing outfits, and better feet model.

Main Files
- Nevernude: No Nudity, just skimpy outfits and underwear
- Nude: Always Naked

Optional Files
- Hide all quiver, bow, and blade sheath


*** If you wish to use this mod along with my BDO on Steroids mod, you can just delete all the Musa folders from that mod.




- Starter (Naked/ThongOnly)
- Akum (Superius_Nocape)
- Canape (StripperTuxedo)
- Dobart (Naked/ThongOnly)
- FishCostume (RedSpeedo)
- GoldscaleDragoon
- Grunil (Lethena_NoCape)
- HerculesMight (Mezari)
- KarkiSuit (StripperTuxedo)
- Karlstein (Superius_NoCape)
- Kibelius
- Lemoria (Fairy)
- SeoryeonCorps
- SharkCostume (BlueSpeedo)
- Taritas (Leporem_NoCape)
- TormentedSoul
- TundraWarden (WinterMountainGuardianSpirit_NoCape)
- Wilderness (Keraunos)
- Life: Cooking (StripperTuxedo)
- Life: Fishing (BlueSpeedo)
- Life: Gathering (Fairy)
- Life: Hunting (WinterMountainGuardianSpirit_NoCape)
- Life: Processing (StripperTuxedo)
- Life: Sailing (BlueSpeedo/OutlawsOfMargoria(Female))
- Life: Training (BDSM Harness)




Requirement  (need to create a free account to download)
BDO ToolKit : Download
Meta Injector : Download
- Meta Patcher : Download (Only need this if you're NOT playing on NA/EU server)

1. Download the BDO ToolKit and Meta Injector and Meta Patcher
2. Locate the Paz folder in your game directory.
3. Extract the contents in BDOToolkit.zip and Meta_Injector.zip and Meta Patcher.zip into the Paz Folder
4. Run the BDOToolkit Installer.exe
5. Download mods and extract the contents into the files_to_patch Folder (Choose to install only 1 main file, either Nude or Nevernude)
*6. BACKUP the pad00000.meta (original game files before we inject modded files)
7. Run Meta Injector.exe... if your mods are successfully patched, you're now ready to play.
(if it crashes while trying to patch files, try running Meta Injector.exe as Administrator)

(if you're NOT playing on NA/EU server, proceed to the next step)
8. Run Meta Patcher.exe... then you're now ready to play

*** Before updating every new patch, uninstall your mod first then you can reinstall again after the new update has completed.

- Replace the "modded pad00000.meta" with the original one that you made a back-up in step 6.

Reinstallation / Update from older versions
- Uninstall
- Repeat the instruction from step 5.


ThineCrawler for Realistic penis model and textures
Leito86/Leito86Redux for Fallout4's feet model
- BlackFireBR for Paz Browser
- UndercoverPervert for Pactool and Meta Injector
- mr.Slink for BDOToolKit


If you want to support me, I now have a Ko-fi page  nav-logo-stroke.png.b017ed4e2a19900adfa06439e6c2d72f.png


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