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Download — Commonwealth Brief for Atomic Muscle

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Commonwealth Brief for Atomic Muscle


Original outfit is finally exclusively available for Atomic Muscle 2, collectively made by Kreiste and me. Since there was not a single brief mod for Atomic Muscle, we have decided to create one from scratch. Now just enjoy. 

Features Overview

  • Highly modular
  • 40 colorswaps available, including camo and faction colors. 
  • Default textures are in 1K. 2K and 4K textures are optional download. 
  • Male only. For female characters, they will appear as "Casual Outfit". 
  • Optional leveled lists injection to make these outfits randomly spawn in the world. The colors are separated for each faction, for example only relevant colors will spawn on Minutemen to not break lore friendly immersion. 
  • Optional INNR patch for ECO users which allows showing their current colorswap in item names dynamically. 


  1. Atomic Muscle 2.0+ by Ulfberto


First, install this mod by mod manager. 

Then, if you want 2K or 4K textures, also download and install one of them. (Default download only includes 1K textures)

The esps in this mod are esl-flagged. 

BodySlide files are uploaded as a seperate file and only download it if you need. 


Actually there is only 1 outfit but with 5 different variants (so in total there are 5 forms): top piece + brief fullset, brief only, top piece standalone, top piece with erect naked body, top piece with flaccid naked body. 

Leveled List Injection: Optional in FOMOD installation. Requires my Leveled List Injection Core File (Hard Requirement) for script file and my Outfit Leveled Lists Expansion Framework (Hard Requirement) for new leveled lists. They are injected into leveled lists of almost all the factions as well as loots and vendors. The colors are classified for each faction and will randomly spawn in the world. So the lore friendly immersion will not be broken by intrusive colors. 

Improved Naming Rules: Optional in FOMOD installation. Requires Equipment and Crafting Overhaul - Redux. This patch improves and expands the Instance Naming Rules (INNR) based on the one from ECO, so the colorswaps, linings, weaves, legendaries will show up in the name dynamically. It is primarily designed for FallUI series but works with other UI mods without problem. 

Get in Game

  1. Chem Station under "(Atomic Muscle) Commonwealth Brief". 
  2. Add item via Screen Archer Menu
  3. Use the optional leveled list injection. 

Known Issues

  • The weight painting for the top piece still needs some fixes. Currently, they can distort when characters pose, aim or jump. 


  • Do anything you want as long as the final files will stay within VectorPlexus or Ulf's Discord. 
  • If you want to publish the relevant works to other websites, please contact me or Kreiste first.


  1. Kreiste for mesh and textures, and all the guidance with details and patience. 
  2. Myself for textures and plugins. 
  3. Ulfberto for Atomic Muscle
  4. Blender for making meshes
  5. Substance Painter for creating textures
  6. Bodyslide & Outfit Studio by ousnius for creating morphs
  7. FO4Edit by ElminsterAU for creating plugins
  8. DankRafft for Leveled List Injection guidance and script file reference

Mods used in screenshots

  1. Reactor ENB by Sevenence
  2. Railroad Synthetic Facelift by iSirAlex
  3. Sporty Sweat Overlay for Atomic Muscle by me
  4. Screen Archer Menu by maximusmaxy

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Created by
    kreiste & g12


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