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Heya, So i'm having a issue in skyrim SE, Its a issue ive had before, managed to solve it but as of right now i cannot and i want to literally scream.

i got the setup of High poly conversion, sam/sos from savren flawns argonians + dredds s&s . but the feet NEVER scale with the body/morphs. what is the solution to this?



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i don't use the rest of the mods you mentioned, but are you sure nothing is overwriting high poly conversion? it has its own meshes for feet and hands, so if the feet is being overwritten you'll have gaps, because it doesn't match the overall morphs of the body.

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I've encountered two things that can cause this. The first is that SOSAM uses a different weight slider set in bodyslide than normal; it has a "weight 0 to 1" slider instead of "weight 1 to 0". You could've just set the wrong slider to 100. The second is just bodyslide being weird with mod organiser, if you haven't maybe try clearing and remaking your bodyslide output. It's probably not a runtime problem because modern SAM mods use racemenu for that

Actually it just occured to me that if you're using SOSAM you dont need to use the high poly conversion since i think it uses the high poly model anyway

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