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Crowdfunding Campaign

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Dear community,

I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news with all of you. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ko-Fi with the goal of making the future brighter for VectorPlexus and improving page loads and download speeds for everyone by moving files to faster, more resilient storage. And the best part? One of our avid community members and mod author, @ SavrenX, has generously contributed to this campaign.

We all know how frustrating slow download speeds can be, especially when we're eager to try out new mods and content. With this crowdfunding campaign, we can make a real difference and ensure that everyone has ad-free access to these amazing mods at lightning-fast speeds.

The mods hosted on VectorPlexus have added so much depth and richness to so many gameplay experiences, and now there's the opportunity to support the home of these mods. Every contribution, big or small, will make a difference. And a huge thank you to SavrenX for leading the way and showing us all what it means to be a compassionate and generous community member.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that everyone has access to the amazing content that VectorPlexus has to offer. Thank you for your support!

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Time to make Vectorplexis even better in the future.  But it's not right to burden the needs of all web funds on just one or two people.  Other websites also have their own funds combined from all their members to make their websites better.

But of course we don't need to take SAM's Dick meshes as hostage (small thing but everything XD) and make it only for Vip members...hahahaha.  Awareness and maturity of each member is needed.  Believe me, 1 to 5 dollars will not make you poor at all.  Buy premium condoms and lubricants are much more expensive XD.

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