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Download — Male Piper with AI Generated Male Voice

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Male Piper with AI Generated Male Voice


This mod changes Piper into a male character as well as gives him male voice generated by xVASynth 2. But don't have too much high expectation with the quality and impressiveness of his voice. 


  1. Atomic Muscle 2.0+ by Ulfberto: Hard Requirement. Otherwise it requires to add specific body mesh path for Piper. 


Install by mod manager. The esp file is esl-flagged.

The esp file must be loaded after any other esp files which modify Piper, such as appearance, level or AI. 

There is an optional file which contains the Looksmenu preset of male Piper. 


  1. The FaceGen data is included as loose files which should prevent rusty fix bug. However it is still recommended to pack FaceGen data into .ba2 file if you haven't reach ba2 limit. 
  2. This mod will not break quests or dialogue scenes, because it only overwrites two records of basegame. 
  3. Piper will use the default male idle animation from Atomic Muscle. But some idles and dialogue animations will remain the same as those of female Piper. 
  4. Any mods which add new lines to Piper will not be affected, which means that they will still be in female voice. 
  5. The interjection words are harsh and inconsonant, limited by AI model and I am reluctant to refine them since there are more than 2000 audio files. 
  6. If you don't want to see Piper with a body shape like in the screenshots by default, delete the "F4SE" folder of this mod. 
  7. You can modify the appearance and body shape of Piper as you want. If the new appearance is not persistent, delete the "Mesh" and "Textures" folders of this mod.


  1. xVASynth 2 by DanRuta
  2. Voice File Reference Tool 2 by greentea10
  3. .lip and .fuz plugin for xVASynth v2 by DanRuta
  4. Creation Kit
  5. FO4Edit

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Author of the topic Posted
16 hours ago, Bogom ikon said:

is this support settler and companion dialogue overhaul mod?

I can't add support to that mod because of the strict permission from original MA. 🤨

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